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1932 Chevrolet Hot Rod Street Rod Nationals South Plus 2014

1932 Chevrolet Hot Rod Street Rod Nationals South Plus 2014
A 32 Chevy that I shot at the Street Rod Nationals South Plus 2014…This is one way cool Hot Rod…Check it out!!!…Make sure you follow me so that you don’t miss any of the awesome videos I post daily!!!
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22 thoughts on “1932 Chevrolet Hot Rod Street Rod Nationals South Plus 2014

  1. Needs a roof chop too

  2. A successful combination of colors is half the success.
    A good job !!

  3. Man that’s cool! And it’s a Chevy… that just makes it even cooler.
    I would love to be able to build me one.
    Thanks Scottie!

  4. So kool! I love the 50’s retro look and that green paint just pop’s. Thanks
    for sharing Scotti!

  5. máquina verde…………………

  6. Looks great sounds great and sits just right!! Great looking street rod for
    sure!! While watching the video I was thinking man I bet that thing sounds
    good and sure enough you got us a clip of it running! You never disappoint

  7. A clean rat rod?? SWEET!!

  8. at 0:10 could somebody tell me the name of that black car in the background
    that somebody is looking in?

  9. Turned out to be a nice ride! Hope he gets the fun out of it and enjoys his
    new build!

  10. Scottie you my dude I know when I hear dude more than twice in your videos.
    That the car your are shooting is a fine ride. Keep it up bro hey thats why
    I watch. Thanks dude!!!!!

  11. Too cool for words Scotty! I love the white anodize on the chassis, it ties
    the firewall, roof & interior & it’s low maintenance. A 6 speed with a 4.56
    gear makes this a monster 0- 130 mph demon as well. It’s just too cool.

  12. man thts one clean and smooth car very classy the secret to making a
    awesome custom is knowing whn to stop and he hit the nail on the head 

  13. Very nice, he has a talent.

  14. my only thing is I wish u would have done a video on the black truck behind
    this car lol nice 32 tho either way keep up the awesome videos scottie.

  15. Very cooool,love that color

  16. You’re right Scottie! That IS one way cool Hot Rod! Could you call it a

  17. Frig that’s a nice one…

  18. superb and simple love it

  19. Hard to believe this is a first car, most take three builds to get into
    this league, awesome motor

  20. very, very, very nice Chevy!

  21. yeah, the first time he tried it. made gold. 

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