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1933 Ford Coupe Street Rod

1933 Ford Coupe Street Rod
A 1933 Ford Coupe Street Rod I shot at the Street Rod Nationals South Plus 2013…A absolutely beautiful car…and the supercharged 4.6L under the hood just fits this car perfect!!..
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38 thoughts on “1933 Ford Coupe Street Rod

  1. I agree…total pro!

  2. Pretty nice??…I may not be able to impress…thanks for checking
    it out!

  3. I could see that

  4. I was very impressed -I can see the extra effort and skill put into making
    it look and function extremely awesome

  5. awesm

  6. Agreed!!

  7. Cool..glad you liked it!

  8. HOooo…lllyy shit.. that is is fkn awesome..!! Sooo Awesome! I would have
    that car in a poster in my room it is that awesome. :O 😀 Thank the guy for
    showing it and thanks for showing it to us!! :EPIC:

  9. No problem…glad you liked it!

  10. I think I just jizzed my pants

  11. Maaan, its so sweet!

  12. I agree…just seen it again this week end…..very cool car!!

  13. Yes, it is, Scottie! I like that paint so much too! )

  14. I can’t tell for sure from the angles in the vid but I am betting that is a
    somewhat customized Factory Five 33 Hot Rod. Nice build and finish. Those
    drive and handle like a late model sports car.

  15. Thanks for checking it out!

  16. This car reminds me of one of Boyd cottingtons designs

  17. nice paint job i really like it !!

  18. what an awesome car !!

  19. FORD…DAMN RIGHT…FORD!!!! love to see a Ford engine in a Ford car…even
    if it is ‘glas…Chevy belongs in a Chevy…nice rod…

  20. Built wright ford in ford.

  21. WOW! one of the cleanest builds i have ever seen.very very nice and thats
    coming from a chevy

  22. Sweet 33,very nice,liked how hood worked…..
    The size/shape of these new generation v8’s always spins me out.
    I must be getting old…….

  23. Ultra gorgeous 33′. There’s just something about it’s attitude as it
    stands, it tells you back off or i’ll bite. Totally badass, and no mistake.
    The hood was beautiful, and the mechanism to lift it was so sweet, to say
    nothing of the colour hue….well i’m just drooling over the black cherry
    Du Pont. Magnificent Scottie D.

  24. funny how people with deep pockets can have someone build/pay to have
    anything done, I have a all original, all steel, no patch panels, no bondo,
    no dents, complete 33 Chevy 2 door sedan, 350/350, rack & pinion. disk/drum
    nova 10 bolt. a daily driver, all work done by me. except upholstery
    $13,000 into the whole car,,,,,, not $ 75,000 ,, sure it is nice,, most
    $75,000 cars are

  25. What wheels are on that? size/model?

  26. Do you mount it on the wall or do you drive it?…

  27. WOW what a beauty 

  28. That’s got to be the nicest 33 I have ever seen.

  29. Hello Scottie! I love this video! Hey I have a new youtube channel where
    I am hoping to bring a lot of us car guys together and our machines! What
    I was wondering could I upload some of your videos to my channel as a part
    of trying to build a hot rod community? I will give you full credit
    for your videos I upload.. Any help from you promoting my channel would be
    awesome! Im really excited about this! Please let me know! Thank you in
    advance, Jamie

  30. Sweet Ride

  31. What a beautiful work of art, it is so much more than a car, its even
    better than the legendary eliminator, the amount of work and man hours in
    this beauty is off the scale, excellent chrome too, i have a showbike ,
    chrome by chromeproplating, the paint on this car is amazing, the depth and
    quality, the whole car is just a work of art, alot of thought must have
    gone into it, stunning.

  32. Perfection. Car body lines are so smooth and even its low stance it still
    looks so good from all angles you look at it. As interior of car was allso
    massive Wow for eyes. Youll see car that you fall in love once in a
    lifetime and thats her there <3

  33. Beautiful

  34. she ready ?

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