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1959 Chevrolet Viking – 1000hp+ Rat Rod Towing Truck!

1959 Chevrolet Viking – 1000hp+ Rat Rod Towing Truck!
Brutal loud 1959 Chevrolet Viking with a 1000+ horsepower blown merlin 572ci big block with nitrous and straight pipes! I got to see some insane revving with lots of backfiring :0 And at the same night, the battery ran out twice! 😀 Be sure to watch the whole video 😉 This truck has a really cool history too:
First it was used as a commercial vehicle with a company that sold stationary engines, and after that it’s bed was extended a lot and it was used to haul corn! And after that it went to the junkyard and in 1996 the current owner bought it, and it sat for over 10+ years in his backyard. And then the owner built this haunting creation. Summer 2014, the transmission broke at Estonia, and now there is a transmission that is good for handling 2000 horses. Looks like there is some problems to get moving with the new trans.

Viking is the medium size version of the Apache, and even larger version is called the Spartan. The original engines were very small, the largest option was a 283sbc.

Take a look at some of the details, what could be their meanings? (sunglasses on the sun visor, knife on the dashboard)

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Check this playlist, I’ve gathered (almost) every video about this truck…

Here is a photo of it while it was still in the junkyard!

~100L of E85 was used during the video.


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16 thoughts on “1959 Chevrolet Viking – 1000hp+ Rat Rod Towing Truck!

  1. Muuten hyvä mut ei tuo sentään metanolia polta…E85 haiskahtaa enemmänkin
    kun tuo jyristelee ohi :)

  2. That’s one badass truck!

  3. That Sound! Very nice Video :)

  4. Fileeraus onko teillä amerikan jenkkiä

  5. 70l per mile? :D

  6. It looks like it just crawled off the set of Mad Max. Very nice.

  7. Imagine Hearing that thing Pull something huge? that would sound amazing!
    also, Great Video!

  8. yea, but will it do a burnout

  9. That’s got to be a really rare truck in Europe. Super singles are a
    European touch.

  10. blown merlin? show the merlin…..

  11. yeah well 1:30 in and its boring

  12. 1:21 Sunglasses for every mood and style of driving . Nice.

  13. Lots of noise. Nothing there to convince me of anywhere near 1000 hp. I
    call BS!

  14. don’t know why I thought of jeepers creepers ??

  15. I believe that the 348 C.I. V-8 was available in 1959 as well.

  16. Might I suggest fuel injection since a carb/carbs tune is gonna burn though
    ur battery/starter budget?

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