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1964 Citroen Hot Rod Review Video

1964 Citroen Hot Rod Review Video
Custom Built Street Rod. Corvette Drivetrain, Over 0K spent to build this Show Car. This one is For Sale, go to for more information.


13 thoughts on “1964 Citroen Hot Rod Review Video

  1. bad ass Mustang! love it

  2. I have always loved the look of the DS since the first time I saw one as a
    kid, Using the Citroen body and throwing in modern mechanicals is brilliant
    and makes an incredibly unique rod. Love it! Nice work.

  3. awesome man

  4. this is fantastic! Love that someone did this even if it’s blasphemy to
    purists. Hotrod, RWD DS…WOW! the dash is awesome. I just wish there was
    more in depth video about the cars construction and details,.

  5. i love the concept but i dont like that it hasnt got hydro puematics
    anymore im more a sleeper kinda guy loking standard but being fast as hell

  6. Je několik nezaměnitelných věcí na vozech
    Citroen…………Hydropneumatické pérování………..a prosím,srovnejte
    si volant.Díky

  7. its just about the money, nothing to do with style anymore

  8. Beautiful looking thing.

  9. Jay Leno would love this car!

  10. Now thats awesome right there

  11. this car was famous for its amazing gaz suspension and handling with the
    FWD,should have kept both even with the chevy engine.

  12. I wonder… the steering wheel arm, shouldn’t it be on the down-left
    position instead, so you can read dials ?

  13. franchement c’est du bon travail !!! bravo et chapeau ?

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