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1974 Chevy NOVA Hot Rod

1974 Chevy NOVA Hot Rod
Street/Strip !.. 2-Door Coupe !.. Hot 350 !.. TH400 !.. Nine Inch Locker !..


11 thoughts on “1974 Chevy NOVA Hot Rod

  1. dOPE

  2. Bad ass brother white power

  3. Just got one of these for my first car. 

  4. After 72 novas were junk end of muscle car era

  5. and the is fucked idiot

  6. Do you know the rim, tire sizes, and backspacing by chance? I like the “hot
    rod” look to it instead of all the cars that are lowered with small tires.

  7. He has forgot to say it’s junk. get a 72 or older

  8. Can’t reply for some reason to replys so have to,do it this way……1972
    was the last and finale year of the muscle car, after that emissions
    destroyed it reduced hp drastically and not only that all the muscle cars
    looks but ass ugly a plastic grill on a “muscle car” really it’s bout as
    ugly as a fat ass greased up with crisco lying on the beach this car is a
    hot rod as it was modded huge difference it is not part of the muscle car
    era if you always consider the nova as a muscle car then the 80s hatch back
    was a muscle car then

  9. Some of the Novas were muscle cars yenko 396 ss and so on the camaro was
    and is basically a sports car like a vette and mustang ford made the
    mustang to compete with the camaro 

  10. That is a lot of flowmasters to go all the way to the rear!!!

  11. this is the straight up american hot rod, a bad ass ride to cruise in , or
    take your girl out in, or drive .

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