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2014 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

2014 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos
Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Burnouts Wheelstands Straight Axle Drag Strip Riot Drag Racing Videos NHRA Hot Rod

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August 9, 2014 – Norwalk Night Under Fire at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. National Hot Rod Association. Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos. Supercharged AA Gassers

Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers: Featuring Steve Crook in his 1956 Blew By You Chevy; Brian Spotts in his It’s Crazy 1948 Anglia; Micky Hale in the Warlock 1948 Austin;; Ed Kasicki in his Phenomenon 1933 Willys; Dave Cobb in his Finders Keepers 1933 Willys; Mark Benjamin in his 1933 Williys; Ted Turley in the Traveler 1933 Willys; and Bob Cook in his 1957 Crazy Grandpa Corvette. Tri-5 Chevy, Motor Racing

Night Under Fire The King of Quake – Bob Motz World’s Quickest and Fastest Jet Kenworth, Drag Racing, Flame throwing semi, sign burning, 17,500 HP, jet powered Truck. Ohio Gassers exhibition runs from the 61st Annual US Nationals Indy


14 thoughts on “2014 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

  1. I love that 56 Chevy gasser! Great side-by-side camera angle on that pass!

  2. Good to see the gassers are alive and well in Ohio! Great vid , as usual thanks for posting. – Bob

  3. Outstanding !

  4. great job on the video, like always!

  5. To get people back into this sport there needs to be less rules and regulations (let the drivers decide whats safe enough for themselves) de regulate a lot of the restrictions for nitro, and do away with the 1000ft race for top fuel. Need variety of cars and home grown and built, rather its cheap or not just like back in the 60s. Need big ego’s and real grudge matches.

  6. I hope the baders don’t move

  7. Any contact at 7:00 ?

  8. great video!1 what happened at the 7:00 point? did they tangle,or did one just hit the wall?

  9. Drag Strip Riot has done it again.Another super vid.

  10. Hey Mazi! I thought you told those girls to take off those silly high-heel boots! Don’t make me come over there and take them off myself! 🙂

    Another great vid!!!

  11. Blew By You won by default! Whew! He must have scared the shit out of that Anglia on the line! LOL!

  12. Love the Gassers! Just like back in the day! Great job putting this together, Dawn! Thanks for posting!


  13. awesome event,they should have shown that side shot of  the 56 Chevrolet to the fans.

  14. Damn, even some of the people were dressed for that time period. 1st class event!!  Thank’s for the video.

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