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2014 PA Gasser Nationals Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Blew By You Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing

2014 PA Gasser Nationals Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Blew By You Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing
Straight Axle Gassers of the 60’s Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos Tri-Five Chevy Burnouts Wheelstand

ScottRods Custom Hot Rods and Fiberglass

June 20-21, 2014 – PA Gasser Nationals – Beaver Springs Dragway
Hot rods drag racing. Supercharged AA Gassers of the 60’s

Classical AA/GAS Eliminations Compilation: Winner – Steve Crook in his Blew By You 1956 Chevy; Runner-up – Ray Kasicki in the Benjamin, Kasicki and Klink 1933 Willys; Bob Cook in his Crazy Grandpa Corvette; Ed Kasicki in his Phenomenon 1933 Willys; Rocky Pirrone in his Boss Hydro 1933 Willys; Bones Balogh in the Mazmanian Tribute 1941 Willys; and Michelle Feil in the Big Time Memories 1941 Willys. Tri-5 Chevy

Also featured: Gasser Wheelstand Contest: Rick Osburn ’38 Special, Dan Bergeron in his Woodsmen Shaker Chevy II, defending champ and runner-up, Dan White in his ’55 Ford, and winner Mike Etchberger in his 1941 Willys!

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16 thoughts on “2014 PA Gasser Nationals Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Blew By You Straight Axle Nostalgia Drag Racing

  1. That 56 leaves hard!

  2. Love the gassers, that Vette is a beauty. Thanks for posting.

  3. For real gasser action search… south east gassers…real gassers have a third pedal!

  4. HUFF HUFF  I dig BLOWERS!! thanks Mark and Dawn …#9…

  5. She’s got some Jungle Pam shorts on!

  6. Yet another great video!

  7. Just saw some of these guys yesterday at Norwalk. Love it there :3

  8. Thanks a lot for pleasure to learn drag racing “live”, great vid”, awesome cars and people for this event. Chris-le66-

  9. Ooo! She sounds AWESOME and backs it all up on the track! Bitchin’! 😉

  10. crooks 55 is a beast, and he knows how to drive it. nice job. I felt lucky to be at this event. was a great time. XD

  11. “Gasser Chubby!”

  12. Crooks 56 is a alcohol blown, monster.  Very hard runner, and consistent !

  13. This is a great video with up close shots and good camera angles that really do the cars and teams justice. You see some of the same cars in other videos, and they are awesome, but they really show up here!!!

  14. Dam Steve you are makeing one hell of a name for yourself and it makes me smile from ear to ear keep up the nice work you crazy nut i love it pretty soon ill be seeing names like Blew by me LOL

  15. Question,.. Why do the lights on the tree come down equally until the last pair on the bottom? Seems as though one side goes on and the other doesn’t or it’s a different color. I used to help in the pits all through H.S. when Don Garletts ran his rails up in Puyallup, Wa. If I could have those days again,… little did I know!!! Oh, my 55 Chev. 409 with three two-barrow intake and 3/4 Isky cam and 456 rear-end and cheater slicks and baby moons in front and deep-dish chromes in the rear raised with the front about 3″ off the road. Actually, box boys don’t make that kind of money so all of it was piece by piece over 3 years.

  16. Awesome. I love the 56 chevy and the Gassers. Your car is just plain radical. Congrats on your win. BTW; I’ve seen your car in numerous other videos besides this one. Always puts on a good show.keep up the great work. Tbone.

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