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2015 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Beechcraft T-34B Mentor Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

2015 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Beechcraft T-34B Mentor Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos
Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Burnouts Wheelstands Backup Girls Straight Axle Gasser NHRA Drag Strip Riot Videos

ScottRods Custom Hot Rods and Fiberglass

August 15, 2015 – Norwalk Night Under Fire at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio; Supercharged AA Gassers. National Hot Rod Association. flyover of Beechcraft T-34B Mentors Planes; World Power Wheelstand Championship Contest Byron Dragway

Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers: Featuring Steve Crook in his 1956 Blew By You Chevy; Brian Spotts in his It’s Crazy 1948 Anglia; Micky Hale in the Warlock 1948 Austin;; Ed Kasicki in his Phenomenon 1933 Willys; Dave Cobb in his Finders Keepers 1933 Willys; Mark Benjamin in his 1933 Williys; Martin Stead Jr. in his Stead Speed Shop 1941 Willys; Rocky Pirrone in the Boss Hydro 1933 Willys; Jeff Cryan in the Bizio 1933 Willys Pickup; Mike Kalinowski in the Unfinished Business 1948 Austing; Al Borowski in the Scott Rods 1951 Anglia; and Bob Cook in his 1957 Crazy Grandpa Corvette. Tri-5 Chevy, Motor Racing Shockwave Jet Truck Tears up track! Shockwave jet truck tears up the asphalt at the Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio at the event Night Under Fire!

Night Under Fire The King of Quake – Nitro Funny Cars of John Force, Courtney Force, Cruz Pedregon, Jake Wyatt, Matt Hagan, Dale Creasy, Bob Motz World’s Quickest and Fastest Jet Kenworth, Drag Racing, Flame throwing semi, sign burning, 17,500 HP, jet powered Truck. Tri-5 Chevy Nationals, Ohio Gassers exhibition runs from the 61st Annual US Nationals Indy. Drag Racing Videos. Gassers At 131 Dragway In The ’60s


11 thoughts on “2015 Night Under Fire Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers Beechcraft T-34B Mentor Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

  1. I like the hot chicks helping stage the gassers.

  2. Pure beastliness . Love it

  3. I give lots of credit to the ladies running in heals/platforms on the track, hard enough in sneakers.

  4. I hate to say it but Id rather see these guys instead of modern machines.In fact I’m setting up my old street gasser to join in the fun.Now I’m off to buy my winning lottery tickets to pay for it all.

  5. A flag man instead of a ‘Christmas’ tree…doesn’t get much more nostalgic and exciting than that.  The cars are fabulous, the racing is fabulous, the facility and the fans are fabulous, and of course the ladies are fabulous (and these are in no specific order!!).  I would love to see more and more nostalgia races like this, as well as different categories if possible, and I would also like to convey my appreciation for this upload.

  6. That is SUPER COOL and brings me back in time!!! I worked for AMC for a short time.

  7. What a great video!!! Can’t wait for more videos to come for 2016 races. Can’t wait to see you!

  8. What kind of planes did the fly by?

  9. Cool vid love the gassers.!!!!! Thanks for posting….!!!

  10. How would this cars do in Circuit Raceing? They can only go straight. Where is the skill driving?

  11. to H with NHRA and their dang cookie cutter cars  all look alike only paint jobs are different .

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