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30 Hot Rod Guitar Licks – #4 Hot Rod – Bill Kirchen

30 Hot Rod Guitar Licks – #4 Hot Rod – Bill Kirchen
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10 thoughts on “30 Hot Rod Guitar Licks – #4 Hot Rod – Bill Kirchen

  1. Sweet! “You’ve either done it correctly or you’ve made an even number of mistakes”. Loved that!

  2. Brilliant. Bridge pickup, right?

  3. Gahahah, what a cool guy.

  4. Thank You, love learning from the original.

  5. Like a boss with that Tele too…I love it.

  6. This may sound cheesy and old / corny to you if you are a younger player, but I’m telling you — learn it anyway.
    You will be surprised how these old school licks can be applied to more modern writing / playing and can help you out a lot with improvisation.
    You want to build up a repertoire and be able to learn and play as much as you can, trust me!

  7. national treasure

  8. Thanks for giving us an insight into your play’in style Bill… it’s not just the notes, you have such a great feel and connection to what you play. When ever I think ‘tele’… Bill Kirchen’s there. Your ‘Hot Rod Lincoln’ CD is never to far from my player… ^

  9. Just a tremendous amount of joy with you sharing “right from the horse’s mouth” THE way you picked it. Fantastic song and picking. Always loved it and still get goosebumps from it!

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