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73-Car Burnout & Day 7 of HOT ROD Power Tour! – Chattanooga, TN to Concord, NC

73-Car Burnout & Day 7 of HOT ROD Power Tour! – Chattanooga, TN to Concord, NC
Dennis Pittsenbarger spends the longest drive of Power Tour 2013 in a ’69 Camaro, winding through the Great Smoky Mountains in what is easily the most picturesque route of the Tour. As the drive nearly comes to an end, Dennis stops by Roush-Yates for a lunch stop and gets a tour of some of the company’s race products before wrapping up the Power Tour at zMAX Dragway in Concorde, North Carolina, and an attempt at the World Record for biggest burnout.

HOT ROD Power Tour is HOT ROD Magazine in action, a week-long roadtrip where readers, racers, and manufacturers hit the back roads of America to show everyone what being a car-nut is all about.

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19 thoughts on “73-Car Burnout & Day 7 of HOT ROD Power Tour! – Chattanooga, TN to Concord, NC

  1. no links to music in the background 🙁

  2. I’ll have to come to the Power Tour next year with my 89 Mustang 5.0.

  3. Of course Aussies put up more smoke when they use blown 1000hp cars with line lockers on the brakes. This is Murica where we smoke tires with 175 hp “mate”!

  4. umm line lockers because they are purposely built burnout cars?!?! 175hp is shit 😛 family sedans here like the fg xr6 turbo has 270kw (360hp) 😛

  5. tyre smoking is not good for cars

  6. Niiice, 1968-69 Chevelle SS 2:08

  7. The Australian rat-rod with the turbo SBC that won the burn out competition didn’t have a radiator in the front. You guys should do a short video on that car. I want to see where he put the radiator.

  8. Out here in Southern California, a buddy and I got the rear tires smoking on an older Toro lawnmower. I don’t remember the hp it had, but for a rwd push mower, that thing hauled ass(with us on it).

  9. awesome vid, thanks

  10. Roadkill is waaaaay more entertaining. Hail Roadkill.

  11. Not surprised the Australians beat the burn out record. They just love to do burnouts. And it would be badass if people had red White and blue custom tires and make a great American Red White and blue burnout.

  12. I must say I’m a stubborn JDM only enthusiast, but if there’s one thing I do respect from american car culture is their passion and devotion. There must be thousands of great stories within all these people but unluckily we will never hear them all. Thanks Motor Trend for sharing this great event with us!

  13. cant wait to get my car done and do a power tour.

  14. who make those awesome guitar riff through out these videos ? bloody awesome show and tour… damn i wish i could join, sadly i live on the other side of the glope 🙁

  15. I wish I could have bottled that smoke to sell as cologne. I remember doing the long haul on the 2009 Power Tour with my brother, he was 18 and I was 21 at the time, I wish I participated more, but that was our first road trip and I was happy my ’86 T/A made it the whole way with a bad starter. That starter stopped working the day I got back home.

  16. what an awesome way to destroy tires. man, I love this country!

  17. Australia does bigger burnouts with just one car. haha.

  18. Well.. I could argue that T4TUFF in AUSTRALIA does a better burnout than that on his own :/

  19. more info on the turbo Rat Rod burnout machine

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