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80’s punch dancing scene from the movie hot rod

80’s punch dancing scene from the movie hot rod
I do not claim to have made this in any way, and i do not own this in any way. Im uploading this scene because its hilarious, and inspirational.


11 thoughts on “80’s punch dancing scene from the movie hot rod

  1. Bahahahahaha!!! x”D

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. I would absolutely love to see Kevin Bacon’s reaction to watching this for
    the 1st time. the choreography (if thats the word i’m thinking of?) and
    editing is spot-on, it’s not an exact copy of Footloose but its exactly how
    I remember it to be, when I saw this film and this scene unraveled I was in
    fits of laughter, It’s bloody brilliant, credit to whoever thought of doing
    it and put it into action!!! I can’t dance, but if I could, I’d like to be
    like that or Starsky and Hutch dance-off! ha ha

  4. This is when i take a break from homework

  5. Gta 5 falling physics

  6. que.caída.parecía.que.volaba

  7. You can never ever hide your heart. If you don’t give your heart wings you
    will “sh1t”. awesome, just awesome. I can’t believe i didn’t see this when
    it came out originally.

  8. Swear he fell down the hill for way longer in the real movie.

  9. I freakin love hot rod dance scene

  10. Ninja sex party’s new video? lol

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