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Black Oak Arkansas – Hot Rod [Official Audio]

Black Oak Arkansas – Hot Rod [Official Audio]
New album Back Thar N’ Over Yonder available NOW:

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9 thoughts on “Black Oak Arkansas – Hot Rod [Official Audio]

  1. Damn tasty ear candy.

  2. lol im sure the dislikes are all the kids who listen to the trendy rap
    whatever you want to call it these days and stumbled on this on atlantics
    feeds going what the…. they cant handle this to much talent for them..

  3. MeroL – Posłuchaj tego (prod. Zelo)

  4. the dislikes can suck my hotrod

  5. in my 20’s and stuck in the 70’s. it’s so nice to hear songs like this in a
    time like this. call me old fashioned, but if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
    especially rock n roll.

  6. This song is awesome, I like how Jim Dandy wails

  7. Jim Dandy sounds like Captain Beefheart at times.

  8. The doom metal band Goatsnake does a ripping cover of this.

  9. I discovered BOA around 1981-1982. As a 14 year old Drummer who was an Ozzy
    Osbourne fan, I was quickly enthralled with all things Tommy Aldridge (Even
    thought he DID NOT play on “Diary of a Madman”, and that famous double bass
    intro was not even double-bass… Lee Kerslake did it with 1 kick drum) and
    when I found out he played in BOA, I went out and bought the Greatest Hits
    LP(with the the chick pouring water or perhaps it was supposed to be
    Moonshine out of a jug onto herself.) and “Raunch ‘N’ Roll”, which had this
    on it, and my brother and I learned how to play all these songs and we
    could tear them up.

    I never could find a studio version of this, so it’s cool to find out that
    one does indeed exist.

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