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CalTV Features: “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg, Jorma Toccone, & Akiva Schaffer

CalTV Features: “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg, Jorma Toccone, & Akiva Schaffer
CalTV Interviews the Guys Behind the new movie HOT ROD!


33 thoughts on “CalTV Features: “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg, Jorma Toccone, & Akiva Schaffer

  1. hee hee (:

  2. He is married to a woman

  3. andy samberg is soooo HOT!

  4. I love how awkward the interviewer is.

  5. LOL jorma says, “yeah! tough guy!” right before he crosses his legs XD i
    love them so much <33

  6. I love them. But im sorry this interview was terrible from a production
    view, the lighting is terrible, she’s a poor interviewer and theres a
    buzzing noise in the back.

  7. Im going to fuck Akiva<3 Hes mah man. :D

  8. is there like any like like stuff like that like was like in like

  9. why cause he crosses his legs?

  10. why is everyone saying that just jorm sits like a girl, akiva is doing the
    same thing XD

  11. yeh, but it suits akiva….it looks weird when jorm does it..

  12. “You guys are just both major dicks”

  13. I love Andy 🙂 lol this is soo funny

  14. Why couldn’t I interview them? ha ha. Jorma is amazing.

  15. plus he has a sexy voice haha

  16. shw wants to be so serious.. and this is what you get when you interview a
    couple of five year olds 🙂 no matter how hott they may be : )

  17. is the guy in the middle gay????

  18. Hahaha Their so Freakin’ funny but the host is kinda uptight. If I was her
    I would be laughing

  19. i’m not a big fan of this interviewer either. it isn’t even rod’s
    father-in-law whom he seeks retribution after, it’s his step-father. she
    should probably conduct her research a little better, and say “like” a
    little less.

  20. freeze frame! lol!

  21. andy and jorma r so freakin hot and how funny they r just makes them evn
    more hot.

  22. they should get some lighting

  23. @xoxPatriots83ily yup agree totally

  24. “what kinda like u guys umm like oh my god like kinda make the movie like
    and guys and all the stuff like and what do you guys reckon like in the
    movie like aweseome yeh all the guys OMG” >>>interviewer

  25. jorma’s laugh is adorable.

  26. Lmfao 0:52-1:07 and 1:12-1:32

  27. my guess is she does not have a bright future in this field

  28. shes hot as hell dot com

  29. i love these guys!

  30. bahahaah ths waz hilarious XD

  31. So that’s the whore who got her toes sucked by Tarantino?

  32. SHOUT OUT TO KYLE PARKER: boom mic :)

  33. Why is the audio not centered? It’s panned to the left.

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