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Chevy Hot Rod 1971 Pro Street Vega Wagon 355

Chevy Hot Rod 1971 Pro Street Vega Wagon 355
355 Roller motor
With turbo 400
4 link suspension
4000 stall


13 thoughts on “Chevy Hot Rod 1971 Pro Street Vega Wagon 355

  1. Looks and sounds great. I am currently building a 72 wagon and if I didn’t
    have so much time and $ in it I would jump on your green one.

  2. Sounds killer and looks great 

  3. Do you put ricers in the fuel tank? I capture all the little ricers in my
    neighborhood and use them to fuel my 1971 Chevy c10 355.

  4. Nice vega man, im building a 1972 panel wagon vega as well with a 355. what
    front springs did you use and all

  5. tuff n lumpy …..very nice! 

  6. nice ride ..go chevy.

  7. bitchin grocery getter love it.

  8. it just shows that real hot rodders are still alive, why spend 100,000 when
    you can build it way better and way cheaper, and have more fun.

  9. Anybody know what a vega Kammback gt set up for a V8 (mounts, swap headers,
    Monza rear end, etc) everything but the engine and trans would be worth? It
    is very straight and rust free.

  10. cool looking wagon, I have a couple vegas myself. are you selling a lower
    air deflector online? saw vega with same paint job in a pic on same auction

  11. that’s the front end that looks cool on the vega

  12. I have a 71 vega panel 383

  13. Dude, if i ever got a chance, I’d build one just like it. Love it Man or

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