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Dragster Racing Hot Rod Reunion Famoso part 1/4

Dragster Racing Hot Rod Reunion Famoso part 1/4
The 17th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion, presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California, is produced by the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. Honorees are Steve Davis, John Edmunds, Georgia Seipel, Walt Rhoades and Butch Maas, along with Justice Brothers Reunion Spotlight Award winner, Gas Ronda. The Grand Marshal of the Reunion is Junior Thompson. The Reunion will feature a fabulous array of cool drag cars, street rods and customs of the historic and present-day hot rod eras.

Showcased on the track will be NHRA vintage drag racing, featuring some the sports most famous and historic cars and drivers, racing in such classes at Nostalgia Top Fuel, Nostalgia Funny Cars, Altereds, Supercharged Gassers, Classic Super Stock, Hot Rods and others, plus and a variety of exhibition entries. Event is also the finale of the NHRAs new 7-race nostalgia program, the Hot Rod Heritage Series.

The weekend Reunion program features hot rods in the Grove, including pre-1972 street rods, customs, classics and muscle cars; the Reunion Swap Meet; Manufacturers Midway, Friday night CHRR Reception at the Doubletree in Bakersfield; and much more! Plus, on Saturday night its the sensational Cacklefest classic nitro-burning, front-engine fuelers, push-started just like the old days.


8 thoughts on “Dragster Racing Hot Rod Reunion Famoso part 1/4

  1. very nice video

  2. slow down … dont go 88mph ..

  3. hey a back to the future car

  4. Woah shit, its a DeLorean. Thats not something you see every day lol. Cool!

  5. THE Bean Bandit? Cool! By my analysis, those are the original spark plugs!
    Dragsters, rats, kustoms, hot rodz, salt flats, led sleds, gassssers…
    just WOW. I would NEVER want to leave!!!

  6. wow…he must not have gotten it up to 88mph, or we would have seen “some
    serious shit” 

  7. @rxi11 69 is A LOT MORE FUN!!!!!!!

  8. Could anyone tell me what model that is at 1:53 please.

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