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Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod

Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod
Introducing the Fender Humboldt Hot Rod, a limited edition combo exclusively available at! The Fender Blues Jr. III from the Hot Rod series gets some custom upgrades, starting with a vibrant green tolex and wheat grille cloth for an earthy look. Then we’ve swapped out the stock speaker for an Eminence Cannabis Rex, an American made 12″ speaker that features a hemp cone. This durable, touch sensitive speaker is known for its smooth, mellowing character that retains the all important high end definition and fat midrange coming from the Blues Jr. circuit. In addition to the the speaker, We had Fender upgrade the stock Russian made Groove Tubes to ones we purchased directly from the Slovakian factory that produces the Groove Tubes-ECC83-S, EL84-S, and the JJ Electronics brand of tubes. The upgraded ECC83’s have a flatter response in order to get the most out of the preamp circuit and your guitar while the EL84’s provide a slight gain boost with smooth responsive low end. The end result is the Humboldt Hot Rod, a smooth, smoky sounding Blues Jr.


19 thoughts on “Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod

  1. @asimgeekhan Fender Blacktop Strat

  2. @MrWeedpatch he plays with fingers.

  3. You guys ever thought his voice is awesome?

  4. Andy, 0.10 or 0.11?

  5. Jacket Forever

  6. One of the greatest songs of all time through a future classic amp. Kudos all around.

  7. I’m liking the black strat, tryna be like Gilmour? lol

  8. Can someone help me…Anyone know what type of black Strat that is in the start of this demo. Would really like to get a similar one with that maple neck!

  9. Any chance of this coming back? I just found it now and it appears to be long gone from your site… PGS, can you hear me? Bring it back, please.

  10. Do you think this BJ with the Cannabis Rex speaker is better than a BJ NOS with a Jensen speaker?

  11. From the 404 error I get from the link, I take it they don’t have anymore?

  12. I just bought a fender amp very similar to this 1, has the same tolex, same grill cloth, and same eminence cannibis rex speaker, but its not a Blues Jr. its a hot rod deluxe 40w. i originally thought it was the humboldt because i remember seeing this video a long time ago and all i remembered was the tolex color and the speaker. its the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Emerald Isle

  13. Sometimes I just watch these vids to hear you play. Dude, you’ve got some serious talent.

  14. You can put 2X EL84 on Hot Rod.

  15. How many of these Green Tolex were made? I have one, and its great amp.

  16. The ending was quality

  17. LOL, but not really.

  18. Or you could just buy a Hot rod Deluxe since that’s what you’ll have in the end and at about the same price. Not me. If I buy this amp it’s because I want the sound it’s capable of and not so I can make a hacked up knock off of something else (no offence). If you get a regular Blues Jr and put a Cannabis Rex speaker with the first set of Bill M mods in you will end up with a similar amp to the Humboldt Hotrod and that is what I’m after.

  19. don’t like the clean sound – Id take a Princeton or a Deluxe reverb for cleans

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