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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe- Tube Rattle

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe- Tube Rattle
Quick video I wanted to post about a solution I came up with solving my tube rattle.

Song: HRVRD – Ghost ( Great band )


21 thoughts on “Fender Hot Rod Deluxe- Tube Rattle

  1. cool fix–i got the same problem. what kind of rubber did you use? you get
    it at the hardware store?

  2. Whats up! I got the rubber off of some truck mud flaps and the wood from
    just a basic wood shop! It works great for myself. 

  3. Try it man! It works for me! Tell me how it goes. 

  4. Awesome man! If you end up trying it out, fill me in on how it went. It
    works for me. 

  5. It does work. It is the perfect solution. I have done it in a Blues Deluxe
    Reissue. I had tried thousand of things and none worked. I was going crazy,
    it was horrible. Thanks a lot for posting your video, it’s been a life

  6. i used your idea on a new Blues deluxe that comes with the cage that you
    mentioned.. i just put some rubber on the bottom of the cage making a
    little bit of pressure on the power tubes (not too much.. just a little) a
    the rattle stopped.. thanks for the info!

  7. Hey man, I use a fender twin amp, and I just had the power tubes
    replaced…I havnt played the amp much at all since I got it serviced, but
    the tubes still rattle a little bit especially when I play a c note…does
    it mean my amp is broken or the tubes are bad….?

  8. What are the dimensions of the block and rubber sheet? Thanks

  9. What is the measurement for the block wood and rubber? Thickness? thanks!

  10. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the video. 94 Hot Rod Deluxe started rattling bad. I will do you

  12. How does one tell the difference between tube rattle and another rattle? I
    just got a 410 deville, and I notice a rattle on low notes at high volumes 

  13. awesome fix man !!! bravo !!!!

  14. Hello, fellow guitarist!
    Just a quick update on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe journey. Probably 6 months
    after posting this video and creating this homemade-quick-fix for the amp,
    I took off the block and encountered the same issues all over again… Here
    is a permanent solution for this tube fart, crackle, and tube rattle issue
    that plagues this beautiful amp. 1) Take the time to spray contact cleaner
    all on the circuit board, pots, and tube sockets. This does a lot when it
    comes to tone, clarity, and even might be the solution to the problem when
    it comes to crackling. 2) Get tube rings and put them on the power tubes.
    one ring for each tube should be enough, however, if you want to put two
    for good measure (I have one on each of my tubes). 3) LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!
    CHANGE YOUR POWER TUBE TUBE SOCKETS!!! I bought some tube sockets through
    eBay for the Hot Rod Deluxe and a friend and I changed them out. It took
    sometime but after… you can tell the difference and the problem of tube
    far, crackle, and rattle was GONE! I am planning on doing a video soon on
    changing the tube sockets and talking about keeping maintenance with this
    amp. Hope this helps!

  15. HRVRD!! Ghost is one of my favorite songs! Good choice.


  17. Have you checked to see if the wood/block/rubber support that you put in
    works if you take off the tube dampeners off ? In other words, do you even
    need the tube dampeners at this point? Thanks for the informative video.

  18. can you connect a cabinet with 4 speakers on the 8 ohm output?

  19. Yo what are the measurements – how tall is the wood and what thickness is
    that rubber? PS you think this block method would work without getting
    damper rings?

  20. What if the rattle comes from the pre-amp tubes? Is there a way to fix

  21. Hello, one thing, did you try changing the tubes? Still changing the tubes
    you got this noise?

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