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Fender hot rod deville 2×12 tube amp

Fender hot rod deville 2×12 tube amp
A quick demo of my fender 2×12 fender hr deville. Great affordable tube amp.


10 thoughts on “Fender hot rod deville 2×12 tube amp

  1. One of the Best amps on the market in my opinion.

  2. That sounds amazing… 

  3. Thanks for watching guys 

  4. i love this amp but it’s f***ing heavy ^^

  5. Great sounding amp, I love mine just watch the handle. After having mine
    for two days I was carrying it out of a gig and it just snapped.

  6. I just bought one for $250 in a crazy good deal, obviously. I’d planned to
    take advantage of the profit potential of reselling in order to finance a
    smaller all-tube amp for practice. Then I played the Fender Deville.
    Forget it….can’t sell. It’s the best amp I’ve ever heard, and I’ve
    played them all. Unbelievable tube tone. Insane. 

  7. I’ve heard products from Line 6, Eleven Rack, Fractal Audio, Guitar rig,
    Amplitube and others…Not that i am against but nothing is compared to a
    real tube amp and the range of tone and clarity of sound it produces,
    especially with this amp that has 2 6L6 tubes!!!

  8. Beautiful, versatile Fender tube tone. I put a 100k volume pot in the
    effects loop to get into the heart of the amp at any volume. Without it, 60
    watts is too loud for most situations, but the Deville produces deep, rich
    tone that a smaller amp just can’t match.

  9. Hi! This amp is made in Mexico? or made in USA?

  10. I like this amp.A small hand truck to move around any heavy gear is a
    must.Modify it so no scratching is possible,& some bunjy cords and you can
    go up and down stairs too.

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