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Fender Humboldt Hot Rod V2

Fender Humboldt Hot Rod V2
Due to the overwhelming success of the Fender Humboldt Hot Rod, we wanted to take the next step in customizing this fantastic combo. The first order of business was fine tuning the sound. After analyzing the previous demos of this amplifier, we noticed that the treble control was almost always cranked. So with the next Limited Edition Humboldt Hot Rod, we wanted to take a more balanced approach with the EQ and let the speaker open up a little more.Since the Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker uses a hemp cone, there is a fair amount of high end roll off and tone smoothening, which is why we chose it from the beginning. So, in order to keep the same voice of the speaker, Eminence suggested a change of the speaker doping- that is the treatment placed on the surround of the speaker which gives it a broken in sound and aids in reducing cone cry.
Well, after months of testing, we were floored by the range of tones possible with this new custom Cannabis Rex and the Hot Rod Hempster was born! Since we had this speaker custom voiced specifically for the amp, you won’t find it anywhere else but in the Fender Humboldt Hot Rod.

We also chose to go with black Nubtex covering on the new Fender Humboldt Hot Rod for a look that distinguishes it previous versions. Plus, we matched it with a Salt & Pepper style grill cloth which along with the Nubtex, has never been used on any previous Fender amplifier.

Last but not least, the Humboldt Hot Rod has a custom red Fender badge on the front and something we’re quite proud of, the Humboldt Hot Rod rear badge which not only sets it apart but signifies an official entry into the Fender product line.


21 thoughts on “Fender Humboldt Hot Rod V2

  1. the best amp ever made ! 

  2. a deville doesnt brake -up no matter what level you are! 

  3. Dear PGS: I love the amp! As a matter of fact, I’m considering getting it
    in august or so. Do you ship to Puerto Rico? *crossing fingers*

  4. Yes we do!

  5. 1. Excellent amp! 2. FREEDOM 

  6. I will buy it in a few day 🙂 and I want to see demo with pedals zvex fuzz
    factory, Proco rat and other pedals please do this demo 🙂 !!!

  7. What is the set up for this song????

  8. Can you get a decent Fender “clean” tone out of this amp, or is it pretty
    gritty on all settings? 

  9. Do you ship to Germany as well?

  10. I would love to hear the true clean tone of this amp in a video. 

  11. We have two more videos of the new Humboldt including a Strat and Les Paul
    with clean tones. Thanks, PGS

  12. Shipping the Humboldt to the UK is $120 on average for USPS Priority Mail.
    Feel free to contact us with any further questions- 503-670-4949 Thanks!

  13. Hi from Puerto Rico! Do you have special financing options? *Crossing my

  14. Andy I want you to narrate my life

  15. Is it valved?

  16. woww good RATM riffs Tom Morello rulez

  17. what was the name of the first song?

  18. @ Joshua Rugg, Gimme me all you lovin’ off the Rolling Stone’s Sticky
    Fingers album. (can I say album?) One of the best imho

  19. Freedom! Such a fun song to play :P

  20. Holy marketing batman.

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