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FREAKS of SEMA ’16 w/ Thom Taylor Mike Finnegan & KJ Jones

FREAKS of SEMA ’16 w/ Thom Taylor Mike Finnegan & KJ Jones

GALLERY: Freaks, Failures, and Fantastical Finds at the 2016 SEMA Show PART I #TENSEMA16

Music by Josh G


32 thoughts on “FREAKS of SEMA ’16 w/ Thom Taylor Mike Finnegan & KJ Jones

  1. Founder and owner of Pioneer Log Homes had that wooden car on the HGTV show
    Timberkings. I knew I recognized it.

  2. i’ll ride with you finnegan live by lake hickory anytime bud

  3. I wish there was an auto show like sema freaks but evening had to run

  4. i would TOTALLY RIDE with you in that boat !! i fucking love that one..
    dream <3

  5. is that tim duncan??? thank you TD..

  6. dat. fucking. ass. @ 1:26. jesus christ.

  7. i’m 52 and would love to fly with you in that boat.

  8. The complete and utter moron of SEMA 16 is the Roller guy, you start with
    a complete 1936 Rolls Royce and you build that, you then ramble on like it
    is something to be proud of. Who ever was responsible for that should be
    lined up and punched in the head by everybody at SEMA.

  9. The ’28 Dodge sedan and ’36 Rolls, love the mods. Whatever the owner does,
    it’s his car. If you love totally stock, buy an all original car & keep it
    that way.

  10. the 2 hosts fucking suck , WOW dude

  11. The Cedar Rocket is from my home town

  12. man i hate super chopped rides, it ruins the look the original designer
    started with to much.

  13. At 5:45 fat boy says Medal of Honor “winners!” Can someone please educate
    his ass! It’s Medal of Honor Recipients!

  14. Is that Tim Duncan at 1:27 ?

  15. p in y

  16. My wife will now call me the “cedar rocket” during magic time!

  17. All those cars are cool Except for that rolls royce They chop up a really
    beautiful car and make that piece of shit ,What Cocksuckers,You cannot get
    stuff like that back ,You can use fibreglass ,its just a crappy car anyway
    ,but all those other guys bravo

  18. Where do they get the money to do these???

  19. Fellow BMW fan? Did you see that kink in the window of that Series 61
    Cadillac at 0:20? That predates Hofmeister by over a decade…

  20. thom taylor i hope you see this. you’re another piece of shit. they
    shouldn’t allow you near people. fuck you

  21. i would pay for the intro song. it is amazing.

  22. I wouldn’t hesitate going for a ride with Mike in his boat, that would be a

  23. LOVE IT /

  24. Very Nice!

  25. what is that song playing?

  26. florida, tag + insurance + lights and dot tires. seatbelts after a certain
    year. and you’re good to go.

  27. Finnegan, I NEED to have a ride in Game Over!

  28. Did anybody else see the really fat dude in the background wearing a dark
    green shirt at 1:19?

  29. 15:42 fuck the color the car was done and it’s so beautiful .

  30. Those hosts sucked.

  31. that raspy sounding English guy is pretty irksome. I am English. Thumbs
    down for his car as well.

  32. Not that my opinion matters what so ever, but I seriously hated the editing
    and the arrogant host in this vid! F-N-A stick with one car, tell it’s
    story then move to the next one! They must have said one sentence then went
    off to a different car then came back 5 min later for another sentence 4
    times on that one car! Cool cars, shitty video!

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