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Hi I’m Rod and I like to Party

Hi I’m Rod and I like to Party


26 thoughts on “Hi I’m Rod and I like to Party

  1. Literally, my favorite part of the movie. X]

  2. im a homo

  3. im rod and i like to party

  4. what movie is this?

  5. kevin i know for a fact, you dont party!

  6. “pools are perfect for holding water”

  7. Someone’s gettin their dick hole smashed!

  8. Cool beans

  9. that was kinda weird but we’re back in the club

  10. 1:16 “ya just rod, and me *wink*” I die every time 😛

  11. Kevin; im pretty sure i partied before. Rod: no kevin i know for a fact you do not party. Kevin; right daves a party guy. Dave: haha sweet. Rod: Omg shut up lol

  12. pools are perfect for holding water man

  13. Ancient what?

  14. Don’t you ever tell me how to live my life.

  15. Hi I’m Jon and I too like to party.

  16. Pools are perfect for holding water man.

  17. Danny Mcbride always says the funniest, weirdest shit haha

  18. Hi I’m Yarik and i like too party

  19. I always lose it at “Oh my God. Shut up.”


  21. Hi my name is Dave and (I) like to party lol

  22. The wizard wives dream sounds like something a little preteen would make up to tell his friends

  23. “Pools are perfect for holding water, man”

  24. lol when i was in a group job interview once i introduced myself with this using my name the crowd loved it but needles to say i didnt get the job

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