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Hot Rod – 1979 (TV, USA)

Hot Rod – 1979 (TV, USA)
I loved this movie when I was a kid, and I still love it today.


18 thoughts on “Hot Rod – 1979 (TV, USA)

  1. I LOVE that girl, (even though she’s not 230 lbs lol). This is a cool movie! Never heard of it. You can just slap an “I got beat by a ’41 Willy’s gasser” on the back of that Porsche! Thanks for the clip!!!

  2. OMG I remember this movie! One of the best for sure!

  3. Would love to have that car..

  4. makes you wonder why people buy porsches

  5. Luuuuv this movie!! I have it on VHS! 🙂

  6. Boa noite , reparem na cara dele com o maior ciúme do Willys , achando que a garota vai estragar o carro .

  7. Is this the same movie where they steal the engine from the police car?? That 440 cu. inch and add the blower?

  8. Yes, that’s it. Great movie!

  9. um filme que marcou minha vida!

  10. melhor filme da sessão da tarde de todos os tempos…

  11. Would love to have this film again my copy got recorded over was NOT a happy camper that day 🙁

  12. Simple you don’t get it b/c you’ve obviously never driven one. If you ever get the chance to do it, then you might understand why it’s such a driver’s car and consequently why their value keeps them out of just anybody’s hands. Although I do love and own american muscle cars, Porsche has racing heritage that involves utilizing speed to get around a track not just go in a straight line. The two cars are hardly comparable when they are made for two different types of racing.

  13. Wats the name of the film? Someone knows where i can buy it ?

  14. The day a Willys Gasser made a ” chorus ” in a Porsche ! kkkkkkk

  15. Great movie. Saw it on TV, think I was 14 at the time.

  16. Me too, always loved the Willy’s coupe….. So I’m getting one, I don’t care that its fibreglass and I could never buy a 426 Hemi, its the classic hot rod and my new dream…

  17. Good Job ! ! Cool Hot Rod ! ! !

  18. Robin Matson was great in this. 😉

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