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Hot Rod Car Rally In New Zealand

Hot Rod Car Rally In New Zealand
Dozens of awesomely customised Hot Rod vehicles are shown here as they stream out of town to take part in a ‘run’ in the Wairarapa district of New Zealand.

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11 thoughts on “Hot Rod Car Rally In New Zealand

  1. Very Nice!!

  2. nothing like a big v8’s sound is there/ :)

  3. WoW, Superior!

  4. way too kool

  5. All New Zealand needs is an In-N-Out burger, a movie drive thru, and some
    rock N roll music.. I personally played “School Days – Chuck Berry” as
    these beautiful classic rolled by…. Thanks for sharing this… Cheers!

  6. more of that coupe at 4:45!

  7. new Zealand has really got it together..what a beautiful assortment of
    cars…good show New Zealand

  8. Круто! люблю Хот Роды!

  9. great vid !

  10. 凄い車ばっかりで素晴らしいです♪

  11. great video thanks man and really cool cars ! i have a model a 1930 !

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