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Hot Rod FAIL

Hot Rod FAIL
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A short footage of annual “Dino Treffen” in Ibbenbüren Germany.
Hot Rod driver is up to receive his award and then his engine failed.

Embarrassing moment to push the car away

Hot Rod Engine Fail during show and shine award show

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11 thoughts on “Hot Rod FAIL

  1. this is not a hot rod, maby a f…n boydster or another junk

  2. I’d be happy to push that

  3. im with shane i,d push that any day of the week! that car is bad ass! minor problem! tomek this car is worth more than 6 of your so called hotrods! (honda im sure)

  4. Oh that’s embarrassing! That’s what happens when the engine gets warm and you don’t run a ignition retard for the start up. Most MSD boxes and the like have this function built in. Back in the old days, you’d only nip up the dizzy bolt enough to stop the dizzy vibrating around while the engine is running, but yet just loose enough to be able to move the dizzy by hand in these situations. just remember to mark the dizzy’s location before moving it by hand, so that you can put the dizzy back in the same place and not have to pull out the timing light and set your timing again…

  5. I hate when that happens.

  6. Can happen to anybody at any time. This was not a good time

  7. happened to me as well. Club did not have a hot box so had to beg for a jump

  8. Had that problem…Trunk mounted battery grounded at the frame in the back..Solved it by running the cable all the way to the engine block….

  9. The car was so embarrassed by being painted that obnoxious green color it just died !

  10. hi mein vater hat das veranstaltet ??Das Treffen

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