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Hot Rod Galahads

Hot Rod Galahads
Check out the Ramblers Car Club back in the day. Circa 1955.


10 thoughts on “Hot Rod Galahads

  1. Hey, looks a lot like my hot rod… hahahahaha.. 

  2. This is my new favorite video!

  3. Awesome video, the real story.

  4. Great never seen this one before 🙂 

  5. Hot Rods are one thing. breaking traffic laws are somethling else. Watch
    as he makes a left turn from the stoplight from the right lane cutting in
    front of traffic. I think this “squirrel” should get a ticket.

  6. Echo-cans………………!

  7. I wonder how many spectators had their toes run over?

  8. These guys would be heroes of rockabilly!

  9. interesting

  10. I’ve been a proud member of the Steeds Car Club since 1962. Perhaps we
    should change our name to the Squirrels Car Club.

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