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hot rod garage to glory cars

hot rod garage to glory cars
these are the cars that i have had the time to fix up


7 thoughts on “hot rod garage to glory cars

  1. what’s that song tell the name

  2. @Gogata1234 Cortina – Music Is Moving

  3. i see this video is quite popular strangely if you guys want i can make a
    hd one i got a new recording program

  4. @uumm3 i think it’s just the game making the vid quality bad thx for the

  5. aw dude at :17 it was like the bttf car when it hit 88 miles per hours lmao

  6. @NeonGamez Hot Rod: Garage to Glory 

  7. i bought this game when it first came out what an awsome game i even have
    the first one hot rod american street drag

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