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Hot Rod Garage’s Gearstar Performance Transmission 4L60E Installation

Hot Rod Garage’s Gearstar Performance Transmission 4L60E Installation
Check out this amazing installation of our Gearstar Performance Transmission 4L60E installation the guys at Hot Rod Garage did in their Chevy El Camino. Its a great feature on the Transmission! For the full episode go to:
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13 thoughts on “Hot Rod Garage’s Gearstar Performance Transmission 4L60E Installation

  1. Just finished reading the article about this install in HotRod. Awesome
    product and the best spokesmodels/installers you could ask for. Keep up
    the good work, GearStar.

  2. hook me up with that tranny lol

  3. I’m looking into doing a 4L60E and 5.3L LM7 swap on my 92 Suburban.

  4. wheely132…call Gearstar @ 330-434-5216 they will hook you up for sure.
    The post about the junkyard trans is funny since those are the guys that
    end up not only replacing the trans when it goes but rear ends and engines
    as well lol….Happy Holidays!

  5. Pound feet? ? don’t you mean foot pounds?

  6. just think the 4L60E is factory equipment on my 1996 camaro Z28 LT1

  7. all sales are final man screw that if im paying 3800 it better have a

  8. Gearstar warranty is 3 years/ 36000 miles

  9. If Gear Star was pushing a 700 or 4L60. He would tell the truth and say the
    throttle cable is not that hard to hook up.

  10. 100 miles on the dyno? Yes and I’m rich and sexy.

  11. I’ve been watching the build and can’t wait for the differential work

  12. thanks for the info on the shift link so I can keep my column shifter

  13. Can this fit and work with 2002 escalade 6.0 liter?

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