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Hot rod legend Pete Chapouris

Hot rod legend Pete Chapouris
Join Barry as we visit with premiere custom hot rodder Pete Chapouris. Pete recalls over forty years of building world-class custom rods such as the California Kid, and restoring award-winning hot rods like the Doane Spencer and the Bellytank. He speaks of his relationship with Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top and expresses his admiration for his friend and mentor Alex Xydias, the original creator of the So-Cal Speed Shop. Episode 9011


6 thoughts on “Hot rod legend Pete Chapouris

  1. gfjnvjhjdbdpgfpg^^sdjpf^$elkjvpopejujzeè_spoq=eidfhioed=)ejzpqn CAR CRAZY !

  2. petes designer should be here too! lol

  3. Hot Rods are here to stay.

  4. R.I.P. Pete Miss Ya

  5. He had such a devotion to the sport. RIP Pete

  6. Back in the 1980’s I went to look at a 1965 Chevrolet Malibu SS that was
    for sale. My friend and I found the address in La Verne, Ca. and knocked on
    the door of the house. The fellow said come around to the garage. The door
    opened and there was Si-Rod the little green 27′ and the California Kid.
    The Malibu was parked behind the garage. I bought the car and found out I
    had to trace back owners of the car to provide signed off pink slips. Pete
    Eastwood had owned it and a girl who had carried beach sand home in the
    trunk. Bad. I restored the car to a high level. I sold the car to a drag
    racer and the last time I ever saw it was at Pomona. It had been tubed and
    was converted into a drag racer with chute on the back. Sad indeed. Before
    this time when I was much younger I visited Pete & Jack’s over in Temple
    City. Pete Eastwood was living in the back upstairs apartment. Pete was the
    guy you wanted to talk to about 32′ Ford’s at the time. He told me his Mom
    had run over his 4 cylinder Pope motorcycle in the driveway. That is about
    all I remember.

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