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HOT ROD part 1….1950

HOT ROD part 1….1950
HOT ROD part 1
David Langham, the youngest son of a hot-rod hating father, Judge Langham, buys an old jalopy but, out of respect for his father, doesn’t convert it. He changes his mind when Jack Blodgett, the local speed demon, impresses David’s girl, Janie Pitts, and David makes his car the fastest in town. Jack steals David’s hot rod, and flees the scene of an accident he causes. The car is traced back to David, but the truth comes out in court, although David’s father is still unhappy about the car… until David and his friend, Swifty Johnson, use it to apprehend some escaping robbers. The Judge decides to back a movement for building a hot-rod race track for the town.


14 thoughts on “HOT ROD part 1….1950

  1. I asked a family in a station wagon if they wanted to race my HotRod at a
    red light but threw a race because of the way the kids were yelling go dad
    go! A Dad has to win once in awhile 

  2. The wife calls the husband “Judge” at home. He must run a tight ship!

  3. $50-$75 for a car… if only!

  4. I know in from a completely different generation. that, I’m sure by now,
    has proved itself to the older folks, by its numerous advancements in
    automotive technology and performance. every form of motorsport has made
    leaps and bounds in advances and its performance and technology thanks in
    part to the great Japanese automobiles and manufacturers such as Honda
    Motor Company.

    However to stay on point here , I have a question. Why are those things
    called hot rods? they are not rivets. 🙂

    in a manner of speaking hypothetically wouldn’t a motorcycle be more suited
    for the term hot rod since it is more rod like than a car?

    My generation, or this current generation, don’t use terms like that. we
    consider our vehicles to be but some of us call tuners. Since the main
    point of hot rodding, is to tune your car for the best overall performance.

    The only reason I bring this question up is because I remember a really
    attractive girl that I just met having an interesting conversation with me
    and she knew a fair amount about cars and after describing some of the
    things that I’ve done to my car, she returned the question, so you got
    yourself a little Hot Rod there huh?

    It was a very good question because it led for another hour or so of
    conversation. which is something that I wanted and apparently she wanted
    also also also. we both ended with the conclusion that hot rod was a
    misnomer that is still used to this day. and we attributed that to the fact
    that well, Americans, just weren’t that bright back then. but we can’t
    figure out is why people still continue to use the misnomer hot rod ?

  5. Crazy, no helmet, no roll bar, no safety belts, no superchargers, whats up
    with that? I half expect Marlon B. to jump out at any second.

  6. @5.06 why didn’t that cop shoot them for resisting arrest? Cheeky little

  7. lol my son helps to support me he makes deliveries for the market..JUDGE
    you should of thought of that before you let him rebuild the cars
    Engine…. …LOOL

  8. You know what, as direct as Judge Langham’s speech was I don’t think it was
    very effective? Sorry, but if the person being talked to doesn’t speak the
    same language they don’t understand and if they don’t know quite what the
    Judge is saying they also don’t understand. You gotta talk in terms they
    know and relate to! And yes again, reiterating I do know his words were
    direct, but someone needs to hear it MUCH closer to home to know it… That
    speech was a warning, but I don’t think the teenager took it to heart… I
    think the best thing I can think of is in-dreams. Yes, while sleeping. So,
    whatever dream territory is, is a great place to learn from.

  9. stupid ass cop !

  10. Thats Jimmy Lydon from the Henry Aldrich series.

  11. LOL…the same shidt that we enjoyed doing in the 60s and 70s.

  12. and his buddy was in the wild one with marlen brando

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