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Hot Rod Power Tour is cruising through your town June 10-16!

Hot Rod Power Tour is cruising through your town June 10-16!
The 23rd annual HOT ROD Power Tour returns in 2017 with exciting new features for auto enthusiasts worldwide, as the highly anticipated seven-day, seven-city journey is expected to bring together more than 6,000 vehicles and 100,000-plus spectators, June 10-16, 2017. Tickets are going fast!

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23 thoughts on “Hot Rod Power Tour is cruising through your town June 10-16!

  1. is first

  2. I hope I can see!

  3. sweet, what cities tho

  4. im in cyprus

  5. I can guarantee that they won’t be coming through Alfordsville Indiana.

  6. I didn’t sub to this.. bugger off youtube!!!

  7. nothing in CA? bummer.

  8. I am a simple man. I see anything Motor Trend – I dislike.

  9. Isn’t it too soon for a big event in bowling green after the massacre

  10. And here i sit all bored out as fin when all the fun stuff is going on elsewhere 🙁

  11. they aren’t coming through Florida so no, it’s not coming to a city near me:/ I’d love to catch one of their cruises one day.

  12. No Phoenix AZ where we’re practically at sea level? Fuck You Hotrod..
    Keep the motor trend on demand shows coming!

  13. i remember seeing this go by in Mississippi and it was awesome.

  14. If you let the Continental sponsorship bullshit infest these videos like you did the tuner shootout, I will be very disappointed in you. Those videos were almost unwatchable, and contained very little information or entertainment. If I want a Continental advert I will just go visit their channel, or alternately kill myself because Michelin make better tyres and charge less for them.

  15. are classic motorcycle allowed

  16. why don’t you make SUV drag race?

  17. and trucks

  18. I may make it if I get the truck done

  19. If its coming through my town do they have to go through Europe.

  20. Notice: You pretty much just saw the “lost” Roadkill episode.

  21. Ya boi s going. We picked upa a zo6 for it too!

  22. I wish I could be going but not this year I will be moving. Maybe next year

  23. not coming to texas??

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