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Hot Rod Race Jimmie Dolan with Lyrics

Hot Rod Race Jimmie Dolan with Lyrics
Hot Rod Race by Jimmie Dolan with Lyrics **
See the story of the Hot Rod Jet Streak at:


8 thoughts on “Hot Rod Race Jimmie Dolan with Lyrics

  1. Finally someone posts this version! Thank you! I don’t know why it’s so
    hard to find this version, its the best one!

  2. Great Memory,s !!! 

  3. This is an edited version. On the full lenght original is a steel solo by
    Noel Boggs and a fiddle solo by Tex Atchison.

  4. Now that’s a bit of real hot-rodding history! Thanks

  5. This is my favorite version of this song. I never get tired of listening to

  6. Great! This is “the” proper version! Nicely done.

  7. I heard Jimmy Dolan spent his last days living in a small trailer by a
    California beach, and just drank himself to death. Sad. I keep 3 original
    45’s of this obscure but great song. Thanks for the post, it’s easier than
    finding the record.

  8. Met Jimmy’s daughter in LA years ago.

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