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HOT ROD REVUE Pre 49s 2012

HOT ROD REVUE Pre 49s 2012
Coverage from the Pre 49s hosted by East Bay Rods


4 thoughts on “HOT ROD REVUE Pre 49s 2012

  1. Beautiful cars – I grew up in Dearborn and these sure do remind me of The
    Rouge – thanks! Bill

  2. wow. I’m an american from Califronia……hot rod mecca! And I don’t see
    NEARLY as many cars with this much work here in the states. A lot of the
    cars out here are cookie cutters. Nice. But not very individual. Maybe I
    should move across the pond :D

  3. Way to go !!

  4. ford, for, ford…ford…ford…chevy chevy…ford…..any OTHER brands at

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