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HOT ROD TV: AJ on Fire

HOT ROD TV: AJ on Fire
AJ Janic hot roddings Hottest TV host is teaming with the best hot rod builders from around the country to build her dream car. A 1968 Pontiac Firebird. See how AJ will put the fire in Firebird on this episode of Hot Rod TV.


20 thoughts on “HOT ROD TV: AJ on Fire

  1. Bit annoying how its so, off to sandblasting, then fast fwd to 6 months later and the body’s finished. Zero detail on what it was like, how they fixed it, laying on the paint etc.

  2. i see where u coming from and i am afraid of the same thing. about AJ, i am not saying she is not beautiful or anything. i just thing her chest is too flat for people to get excited about her so much. it doesnt matter if u are a child boy girl man woman, at some point in your life u breast feed and now you have a connection and affection with the bigger they are the more happy you feel because of that relationship

  3. I think she looks fine the way she is. Love to see you say that to her face.

  4. Stop referring to the car as “SHE” it’s quite annoying !

  5. aj needs to give me a bj

  6. it’s her car, she can call it whatever she wants, you get your own car and call it HE

  7. she is really cute ­čÖé

  8. I cant stand that she was like “wanna see the car I built”, what a crock. It really shits me when people get their car built for them and then claim they built it. I have spent three long years “building” my old Mazda and the only thing i didnt do myself was the machine work to the block and internals, but I stripped the motor and rebuilt it. I’m doing all my own paint a panel work and am going to retrim my own interior. People need to stop taking credit for work they didnt do.

  9. yeah I see it all the time, yeah i built it, ohh wait I paid a shop to do it all LOL. When people ask me about my truck I say, Yeah I did it all myself except the transmission. Personally I dont care if you buy it, BUT if someone asks you tell the truth!

  10. SHE should spend less time posing for the camera SHE is annoying and SHE didn’t build a bloody thing on the car someone else did basically SHE should give credit to the people that built it for HER by the way did I mention that SHE is an annoying pain in the ARSE

  11. I’d like to punch her in the face

  12. aj is the biggest poser on tv. All she does is take credit for what everyone else is doing or has done. What about the guy that Im sure was making minimum wage block sanding the car for god knows how long. She probably didnt pay a dime for this thing either and it was given to her by hot rod magazine. I think if your a woman working for or posing or whatever for a car company in anyway you should at least know something about cars. She was an idiot on overhaulin, so glad shes not on it anymore

  13. WTF is wrong with you fags??!!! ┬áThere’s a HOT Piece of ASS and all you dicks do is complain like a little bitch

  14. She is the best client ever, admit it guys

  15. He called her missus

  16. tits are too small

  17. i wouldnt get any work done w her around

  18. Dream car and dream girl.

  19. Rich people just helping more rich people. Just another rich person who has had it made her whole life who does not know a thing about real work.

  20. Great looking milf. What is she doing playing with cars? Waste of talent….

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