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Dominick Savino of Dom’s Hand Painted demonstrates authentic hand painted lettering on a rat rod door, then distressed to look as old as the door itself!


14 thoughts on “HOTROD Door

  1. Hi ,Dominick.
    Great job, can you let me know it the liquid to distress is water or
    mineral spirits??
    Thanks Txiki

  2. Thanks for this video. I’m doing a lettering project soon on a rat rod’s
    doors that the owner wants a distressed finish on. Do you reduce the paint
    even more for this or just go with it as normal?

  3. Looks awesome! ! How soon after did you wet sand? and what grit did you

  4. Great Vid. Thanks for posting!

  5. Thanks for posting this great video! I’m contemplating doing this on my
    current project. I’ve never done this before. What kind of equipment would
    I need in terms of brushes, paints and thinners?

  6. Nice !

  7. good job

  8. thanks, I actually learned something,, just by watching….nice door, very

  9. Very cool!

  10. Nice work! Did you use a sandpaper & water at the end? What grit of paper?

  11. awesome, i want tryit on my bike!! what kind of paint do you use?

  12. Love this! how did you transfer the design?

  13. looks great, I’ve used water and sandpaper before it works well..maybe I’ll
    try the clear in white method. sounds fun..once agian..great job

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