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Hotrod Drift

Hotrod Drift
Hotrod Drift. Taken from Austria’s TV Show “Hotrod Hangar”. Driver: Dominic Tiroch. Car was built by Knud Tiroch.


34 thoughts on “Hotrod Drift

  1. 6 people have civics and can’t drift without the e-brake…and can only do donuts in reverse.

  2. i have got to get a car like that.

  3. @agustin8049 TNT

  4. @chevguy350 i dont know, but i think this car sounds fucken mean. the exhaust notes are sooooo nice. i wanna know what it takes to get a v8 to sound like that.

  5. no video has ever had a more perfect song lol

  6. The only true drifting was in the last few seconds of the video. ‘Sliding’ around on wet ground isn’t drifting just to let you all know.

  7. @22olamonola prawdziwy pasjonat rzuci palenie byle mieć na paliwo 😉

  8. i would be more impressed if the track wasnt wet.

  9. @KarstonLikesMustangs I was thinking the same

  10. Think about all the disappointed people that went to watch that

  11. I would have chosen ZZTop.

  12. i bet i could drift a turtle on that track. bitchin car though.

  13. i wouldve had spiderbait – black betty playing but ACDC still good choice

  14. See the brandnew VOLKSRODDER!

  15. i got a list “what i need to do before i die”
    .. Now theres one thing more to do!

  16. cool but he was still VERY careful not to lose it…crashing that car would suck.. thats why no hotrods on race courses…nobody wants to take a chance on destroying their car…

  17. Looking forward to it! Contact me when it’s done.. Now i have one more reason to go to Australia.. thanx for the info!

  18. now give it to ken block so we can see something cool.

  19. All that horse power and he drives it like a ricer

  20. no he dose Gymkhana, i never said he drifts idiot. and Gymkhana + this car would be cool.

  21. naa i like his stuff though, ;D

  22. but that would take extra time to convert it to AWD

  23. owell it’ll be worth it!!! 😀 coz it would look sick as. 🙂

  24. These things were doing this on dirt tracks and beaches before the driver was even a thought.

    nothing new here.

  25. cant drift at all lol

  26. Hermoso auto….!!!

  27. ur bad … hahahaha sweetride drive it everywhere rockon

  28. no pudo el wuey, muy chico el volante

  29. i do that with my old school toyota all day long up here in canada

  30. cant drift at all? its a freeking hotrod with two foot wide drag slicks. i think thats pretty impressive.

  31. Is that water necessary? :/

  32. any videos so we can enjoy?

  33. How to gat this car?

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