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How to Make a Custom Fiberglass Dash

How to Make a Custom Fiberglass Dash
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Here’s how to make a custom fiberglass dash or any other interior parts for your hot rod or custom car


17 thoughts on “How to Make a Custom Fiberglass Dash

  1. You call this fiberglass?

  2. you don’t have to use both hardners you can pick one

  3. Nice !

  4. Great design! Where did you find gauges for the use on the dash?

  5. So before sanding did you put fiberglass or was it only the resin ?

  6. Can this be done to a newer car, say an 08 f150?

  7. out standing video ! thank you for sharing.looks great. can i ask what of
    creamy stuff was you using?and do you have to work fast like bondo? again
    great video.

  8. David this is so cool. Have you done any other “like” projects since this
    one. Would like to learn more. – Parker

  9. Fricken awesome!Were is the best place to get all the stuff?

  10. how much do you charge to make one?

  11. Fantastic I might have to try this for a new dash for my Corvette.

  12. when it comes to the back pieces you used, MDF and the dash itself, do I
    have to leave those pieces with it? I’m restoring a 1986 300zx, and the
    interior pieces are pretty much obsolete. I was thing of just building a
    complete custom interior.

  13. Who makes the best gauges in the USA? .. and what about the best European

  14. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but, what size were the holes that you
    cut on the mdf? I’m planning on doing this to my 68 nova.

  15. Nice work.. im restoring my 83 bmw 320i, you are giving me some cool ideas
    for it..

  16. awesome vid. Can you do another more in depth video?

  17. I used ketchup, pancake mix, and peanut butter and got the same result!

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