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Ingenuity In Action – 1958 Hot Rod Racing In America / Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42

Ingenuity In Action – 1958 Hot Rod Racing In America / Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42
Hot Rod fans learn the processes involved in preparing and entering a 1950’s car show.

The following scene summary courtesy the Prelinger Archvies

Aerial shot of Detroit out of jet window, with airplane wing
Many shots of hot rod auto shows, crowds, and races
Full parking lot aerial shots (shaky)
Shots of racecar assembly, including welding on the frame and engine work
Shots of driving through the Southwest, with Mesas in the background.
A desert sunset.
Men pushing a racecar on the ramp of a semi-truck.
A group of men shaking hands and rubbing the top of each others’ heads.
Shot on the rear of a racecar with smoke shooting out as it takes off.
Scenes of cars racing.
Woman shooting with 8mm movie camera.
An outdoor pool with men jumping off the diving board.
Trucks with trailers going through the Turner Turnpike toll booth.
A woman standing on the back flap of a vehicle in sunglasses, thongs and sombrero hat shoots 8mm movies
Men at a Coca-Cola stand
Shots from front of racing car of on-coming track
Close-up of sports announcer with microphone
Men accepting and holding trophies by cars
A woman in full length gown being aggressively kissed in a joking fashion — she reacts with a crazy expression

Chuck Jones, racer from sidewinder crew in Long Beach, California
Wally Parks, president of NHRA
Ed Cole, general manager of Chevrolet
Robert Petersen, publisher of Hot Rod Magazine
Mr. Tex Colbert, president of Chrysler Corporation

Excellent hot rod footage. Also, very good scenes of trophies awarded to winners of drag race. Excellent color. This is probably one of the best films dealing with hotrods and dragracing.

Voice-over by a somewhat macho racecar driver and enthusiast: “Lefty and Tom are high priests in our temple, Lefty works in electronics, and Tom’s a mechanic.” They prepare for the national auto show in Detroit. They set out with their hot rod in tow, “The Martin Nelson Dragmaster” from Oceanside, California and drive through the Southwest. In Amarillo, Texas the guys stop at a barbecue eatery. Oklahoma had a regional meet. They go through St. Louis and cross the Mississippi on a bridge in foggy weather, leading to a drive down a stormy road in Illinois. They arrive at the meet and proceed through the races. The winner: Rod Singer of Houston, Texas who wins the largest trophy and “The Kiss” from a woman in a full length light blue gown. The enthusiasts will now return to their garages.

“To hotrodders everywhere, and their great zeal for experimentation. A fact of Native American technology which is always a part of us. . . . This film is respectfully dedicated” .

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14 thoughts on “Ingenuity In Action – 1958 Hot Rod Racing In America / Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42

  1. Not into hot rodding at all, but what a great film! Thank you! :-)

  2. nice film,,things have changed now,,for better i dont know,,thanks,,

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  4. Got it on DVD!!

  5. great video!

  6. Fantastic Video…!!! Thank you for posting it…!!!

  7. 1:35 That’s my grandfather, Tom Nelson on the left. His brother Jim is on
    the right, and their partner Dode Martin (narrator) is center. It’s amazing
    to have this as part of my family history. Plus it’s entertaining to see
    people’s reactions if they know the Dragmaster name.

  8. Tom from Dragmaster here is my grandfather, and I’ve come to know and love
    everyone involved in that team. I’m proud to have this as my heritage, and
    you can see a fondness for dragsters both classic and modern in all of
    their descendants.

  9. Just to own one of the junkiest cars from this video nowadays would make me

  10. Can some one tell me what kind of airplane engine that twelve cylinder
    dragster had?

  11. My Pappy said … thanks.

  12. David freiburger watched this since the day he was born. Like mothers milk.

  13. Cool Documentary! Thanks!

  14. He sounds like Rod Serling.

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