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Johnny Bond – Hot Rod Lincoln

Johnny Bond – Hot Rod Lincoln
This is a very good version of Hot Rod Lincoln, second only perhaps to Charlie Ryan (the original), it beats the pants off that Commander Cody Crapola version. I hope you enjoy this version. This one is from an original Republic 45 released in 1960 on Republic 2005 it reached # 26 on the hot 100 in 1960. Please feel free to comment.


22 thoughts on “Johnny Bond – Hot Rod Lincoln

  1. @russspeakeasy You’re welcome :-)

  2. @MichaelJHuman Thanks for commenting

  3. Heck ya!! A great song. Reminds me of the BIG 430cid Lincoln engine in my
    ’60 T-Bird.

  4. The guitar work is not as good as Kirchens

  5. @pattonracing77 I’m glad you liked it.

  6. @possumtail Thanks for commenting, I’m not sure who’s playing.

  7. After listening to several versions of this song It’s clear that someone
    along the way changed the lyrics probably because they did not know
    anything about Hot Rods (early Hot Rods). The worst mistake was to change
    the Lincoln motor to 8 cylinders as in this version. That was the whole
    point of installing a Lincoln motor (had 12 cylinders – used them all with
    an overdrive that just won’t stall) Several other words were changed “Model
    A body looked like a pup” not “real tough”.

  8. who made the origional??? 

  9. @DNALI I believe it was Charlie Ryan, thanks for the question.

  10. This is my Favorite version

  11. cody talks like this is his song! no!! bond is rockin it way 2 good 2

  12. @tommieparch You should also check out Charlie Ryan’s version I have his
    vwersion posted as well

  13. @possumtail Hank Garland

  14. this is my favorite version of this song 

  15. Thanks for commenting, glad you liked it. 

  16. Nah, Commander Cody’s is the best. But I like this one….actually, I like
    them all :=)

  17. I always loved this song. had a Johnny Bond tape years ago. guess someone
    loved it as they took it out of my car. never did find another tape or even
    a cd with his music on it 

  18. Yeah this is a good cover, but Charlie’s original somehow takes them all

  19. Depends on my mood which I like better, they’re about equaly, but either is
    my better than Commander Cody in my opinion. 

  20. This Johnny Bond version is BY FAR my all-time favorite pop tune! It was
    being played over and over on the PA system at the first drag race I ever
    attended. It was at Orange (Mass.) airport in 1962, the heyday of
    Superstock battles between 406 Fords vs. 409 Chevys. But the car that put
    ‘em both on the trailer was the famous Royal Pontiac ‘Super-Duty’ Catalina
    from Michigan. Incredible sights and sounds, etched in my memory forever,
    ‘Now you’ve heard the story of the hot rod race
    When the Ford and the Mercury were settin’ the pace…’
    John Helming

  21. I played this on my radio program tonight. Everyone has a different
    opinion, but I always this was the greatest version of “Hot Rod Lincoln”.

  22. 1:17 “twisted the speedometer cable off *again*…”

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