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Lowering Your Hot Rod – How to Channel a Ford Model A with Eastwood

Lowering Your Hot Rod – How to Channel a Ford Model A with Eastwood
This video shows one way to channel, or lower, the body of your car, by modifying & dropping the body down over the chassis.




For a more in depth breakdown on the project, read the full blog article here:

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20 thoughts on “Lowering Your Hot Rod – How to Channel a Ford Model A with Eastwood

  1. LINK TO BUY in the video and description above, SUBSCRIBE for future how-to videos as Matt continues building his ’32 Ford.

  2. when adding the bungs to the frame, you could get your bolt thread a normal nut then a washer then your bung to make sure you get a perfectly flat level with the frame and would take out some of the guess work

  3. Please continue this series!

  4. Very cool!

  5. Curious as to how you decided which type welder to use at each place. I understand using the tig on the frame rounded nuts but why did you use a tig on the cross channels instead of the mig? What was the advantage here?
    Thanks for the videos.

  6. Great video! Thanks for the tips.. love the music too! 🙂

  7. I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve used my plasma cutter.
    What an awesome tool.
    And old cars don’t die, they just get lower….
    Nice project!!

  8. My dream car!

  9. just wondering does welding on those grade 8 nuts make them  weaker ? nice job hope to see more

  10. holy crap this is easier then I imagined. guess I will build one 😀 thanks!

  11. How high is it to the top of the roof? Or how tall are you??

  12. 3:20 Your shirt needs more dirt and welding burns.

  13. Matt you are the man!

  14. Does Eastwood sell “Nutzerts”? They let you rivet a nut into steel when the backside is not accessible.

  15. Way too much work. No wonder its …”old school”

  16. too cool, old school…

  17. I have bean wondering where do people find theses old cars.

  18. Brilliant. Thank you

  19. I wish I had the know how to do that

  20. post more videos of this coupe love them

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