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(OLD) Hot Rod Corki league of Legends Skin Spotlight

(OLD) Hot Rod Corki league of Legends Skin Spotlight
League of Legends Hot Rod Corki Skin.
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Shows of Animations and Ability Effects of Corki on his Hot Rod Skin.

All footage was taken in game.


28 thoughts on “(OLD) Hot Rod Corki league of Legends Skin Spotlight

  1. 1st yay! 

  2. @TheAwesomeKron get a life

  3. @vcanaslol Where did you come up with that?

  4. @Xuzr Will try that on the next skins.

  5. Better than lame baron corki

  6. How did u get no minions?

  7. It lacks a bobble head characther hanging on the window

  8. urfrider is the best skin

  9. My story: I started playing LoL in the time there was just one champion
    free every week, the week i started, it was corki, i started playing my
    first match with my first kill(s) with him. Soon after, i started playing
    other champs and now, when i have buffed up my elo, im playing Corki again

  10. who the fuck cares?

  11. TSM Chaox plz

  12. bon qui qui will cut you

  13. hot rod corki or red baron???

  14. Red baron. Because it is well done, will soon be removed and has obvious
    history links with the famous Red Baron from WWI.

  15. It’s your boy Corki AKA Mr. Lunt

  16. came here because its on sale =)

  17. @VietBoy322 oh yeah me too but only cause of sale :D

  18. red baron ofc 

  19. he really hates katarina xD 

  20. sucks no wonder on sale ha gay!

  21. Definate worth

  22. mystrey gift

  23. Mystery Skin xD

  24. Another Corki Skin to soon hit the vault, alongside UFO, Ice Toboggan,
    Fnatic and Red Baron.

  25. My brother got the seal skin but he really want this skin so bad and two
    more skins red baron and ice toboggan

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