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Pat Travers Hot Rod Lincoln

Pat Travers Hot Rod Lincoln
built a couple drag racing scrapbooks for my friend Kristine.
’cause, she likes cars…
and i like Pat Travers


13 thoughts on “Pat Travers Hot Rod Lincoln

  1. I saw Pat twice and even met him personally 

  2. Yeah Genius! My favorite version too! PAT TRAVERS!!! 

  3. This is, without question…Pat Travers. Who did a cover back in ’76 on his
    debut rock album, simply titled ‘Pat Travers’ and released on Polydor
    Records. And if you want to really get all technical on the song, it was
    written by Charlie Ryan & W.S. Stevenson. And was released in 1955 by
    Charlie Ryan & The Livingston Brothers! Which was first covered in 1960 by
    Johnny Bond! Then in ’71 Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen. Then in
    ’72 by Kenny Price. That’s if ya wanna get technical. :)~ 

  4. Does a hot rod Lincoln wanna cause a ruckus. :)

  5. Love Pat Travers,

  6. Met him personally at Diamonds Casino in Reno.

  7. You have got to be kidding me. I am subscribed

  8. Hey thanks for sharing! At first I thought…no that’s not Pat as I never
    heard him do this before! Pat Rules!!
    Fantastic drag video you put together too! Regards, Suzanne

  9. LOVE!!! this song. One of the best guitar bits ever written. 

  10. Not one of these cars is a hotrod

  11. Killer Version… thumbs up

  12. Wow, I didn’t know Pat covered this (and from the comments lots of other
    folks didn’t, either)! Amazingly close vocals, but the guitar-playing,
    while also close, gives it away as NOT Commander Cody. Great version,
    nonetheless! Thanks for uploading this!

    On second listen, the ending should’ve given it away, a little extra
    “oomph”! LOL!

  13. Playing with Pat Travers tomorrow at a small little dive club in Crockett
    Ca. Cant wait, dude rocks

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