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Pedal Board and Fender Hot Rod Deville

Pedal Board and Fender Hot Rod Deville!/pages/Rich-Bischoff/26402187173?ref=ts
Demo of my live set up.


22 thoughts on “Pedal Board and Fender Hot Rod Deville

  1. it sounds sweet with that satchurator and tube screamer! some great tones,
    but i’m just wondering what you don’t like about the gain channel of the
    amp, Fender is also known for their gainstages which sound great too, but
    you don’t like it why?

  2. 1:06 BLASPHEMY!!!

  3. Good work! Thank you for the lesson Rich. if you want to hear my music
    type, or copy and paste please: The Forest in Impressions from Shanghai and

  4. Sound flappy with now punch and has a lot of noise. 

  5. boss pedalboard….is not my sound…..bleahhh!! sorry..

  6. Is that a boss HM 2??? Great pedal!

  7. Hot rod Deville! Good choice! I just love that amp I have a 410 just

  8. 1. Is that TubeScreamer a Vintage one? 2.What Pedalboard is this?I’m
    searching for one in which my gt6 fits.

  9. is this all going into the front of the amp?

  10. I have basically the same gear as you(GT6,Saturator,Tube Screamer). I was
    wondering if you can detail the patch you are using for this video. For
    example it looks like you are running the GT-6 in manual mode and then
    adding the distortion effects into the external jack on the GT6? Is this

  11. Sounds great…is that the Hot Rod Deville 4×10..that’s what I have and
    love it!!! Great job on going from metal to blues to country and having a
    great palet of tones!!!!GOD Bless and Happy Easter!!!

  12. Sounds killer nice playing. I just bought the 212 deville. Best thing to do
    with any fender amp is swap speakers. Mine is amazing now :)

  13. Hey thanks for this. I found a GT 6 used for about 100 bucks and I was
    mulling over the purchase. All of the demos have people (usually not great
    players) using the onboard distortion and OD .. which I know can be weak.
    It’s great to hear someone demo the unit using the effects loop to bring
    in their own distortion .. cause that’s how I would use it! I think I’ll
    be picking it up.

  14. so you hooked up pedal+guitar before the amp input? i know some cabs have
    an in and out for effects but didnt notice that on the deville

  15. seriously great playing man! Welcome to TubeTown

  16. What a great video, loved it. I still can’t quite make up my mind as to go
    with the 212 or the 410. Can anybody help me!!

  17. great vid!! Thanks You’re the shit too!!

  18. All you need for ths amp is effect pedal (reverb/delay/chorus) and a boost
    pedal for solo thats all!Amps default drive is 10 times better than all of
    this pedals,trust me!

  19. Perfect combination amplifier and effects, celestion in clean also shows a
    very special sound

  20. Sound good from Idaho. I love the Boogie sound as well as the EVH amp. When
    I did the math putting in new tubes the Fender Deville wins. Maybe you make
    more money than me. Just a thought, good luck.

  21. hey, are you running the whole chain through the input of the amp? or do
    you have certain pedals running through the effects loop? If so, what kind
    of AB box are you using? and did you experiment with running distortion
    both in front and through the loop? i’m about to buy this amp but i want to
    have my pedals figured out before hand!

  22. What’s the bet that the 9 dislikes were because he had a hybrid.

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