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Pics of Candy and Hotrod Flatz in Sun

Pics of Candy and Hotrod Flatz in Sun
Starting the recovery process the day after amateur night at the Ramsey Restoration Garage. 2 rookies broke into our garage and did a horrible job painting, so now we are having to make a professional recovery…. lol


20 thoughts on “Pics of Candy and Hotrod Flatz in Sun

  1. Yes, its a copy of HOK. A person from HOK left and started this business.
    They are much cheaper because they don’t have alot invested in Marketing,
    dealers, R&D, etc, they just use the forumlas and ebay as their ecommerce.
    Its held up well so far.

  2. Love the candy red. I think it would have been really nice with only the
    roof painted with the Flatz. But to each his own. 

  3. This is all because you walked the panel and your over laps were uneven.
    And when dealing with metallic flake you MUST crisscross your different
    coats. This is why you have “tiger stripes” All candy tri-coats need an
    over lap of 75% not 50%

  4. The two tone looks great, for the striping on your next batch of color try
    using diamont UR70 its a little more expensive than other reducers but
    sprays really clean and even.I have had lots of luck with this product. Or
    water born paints come out really good as well, you do excellent work
    friend and the looks great:) 

  5. Cool thanks Greg. Good tip on the diamont reducer, will see if there is a
    diamont jobber around here…

  6. If not I’m located in California and could talk to the location that I get
    my materials from and see what they could do about shipping.

  7. The tinted candy looks great on this car, 50% overlap is fine if your gun
    is set up to do it. Same thing with the silver. I can spray it all day long
    without the crisscrossing and it never tiger stripes with my guns. “Must”
    depends on what you are spraying with. To the owner of this car. You jumped
    into this job using one of the hardest (Candies) type of paint to work with
    and you and your son did a great job. 

  8. You must lay that basecoat out with real slow reducer and allow 20-40 mins
    before you apply matte clear. I always apply 1 dust coat of matte frist,
    wait 10 mins, then apply 2 wet coats

  9. and candy is light at the bottom. You can resand and apply more to bottom
    and reclear, But for your first car u done a hell of a job dude if this
    your first job keep up the good work

  10. whats the collor code of the candy red paint?

  11. Very nice, I love it, thanks.

  12. It’s Kool…

  13. Da Banditi, it’s kool, dahours…

  14. Hey turbo was up with that backgrown music really? Adele 

  15. A motted up mess not right air pressure, gun held to close, ect.

  16. pretty kewl, metallic is a challenge, depends on brand and use. I’ll test
    spray tip, fan and press. on the cabinet, it usually helps.

  17. the easiest way to stop mottle is once tyou know its covered, to lower your
    air pressure right down and lay a nice even drop coat for the last coat. i
    never have any problems with mottle, apart form that it looks great. well

  18. What’s the color code on this? Very nice outcome for a first time

  19. Damn good job for your first time brotha, Good shit’

  20. I like the Candy, Not sure about the Silver. Keep up the good work

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