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Ratrod shakey cam gone sexual

Ratrod shakey cam gone sexual
Thank you to all who watched this piece of ass video , it’s old as hell and a awful video


28 thoughts on “Ratrod shakey cam gone sexual

  1. This looks a lot like my neighbors ’47 1 1/2 ton rat rod duely. I’d be
    interested in what trans-rear end you’ve got in that. Many mods were needed
    to make the 47 streetable as it was a farm truck. Custom wheels were needed
    as good rubber is hard to find in those big sizes. plus no gearing changes
    were available in the rearend that my mate he’s either thinking of
    a Dana or a 4 speed auto to get her to turn less revs on the motorway.
    Whatcha got back there??

  2. this isn’t yours or your dads HA

  3. love to own it ,,,,is it for sale

  4. They’re legal as in…they are. 

  5. that is a damn sexy beast right there!! 

  6. supposed to look like scrap metal ??

  7. they’re *

  8. show de bola esta maquina!!!! parabéns 

  9. That is awesome!!!

  10. я даже не знаю, как говорить на русском языке. Я просто с помощью Google
    Translate LOL

  11. You should have another video for when you start it up! 

  12. NICE!!!!! Looks like a old KG Torch,, Have a Bunch of em,,still work,like
    brand New, !!!! If thats for SHOW,,Would love to see it GO!!! Fantistic

  13. Looks so hot!!!!!!!

  14. he drained it all =))) thats why =)))

  15. Needs a v8

  16. Way to ruin an old car way to go and it looks like crap.

  17. U guys just don’t get it that’s all!

  18. Nice chop buddy, 53 ihc??

  19. Dude u shure post a lot of crap!

  20. уёбище

  21. When I saw the touch as a shift rod I was like that’s it now I know what I
    want to use as shifting knob love the truck nice

  22. wow I hope you are making money off these comments…

  23. How much was the roof chopped ??

  24. could of done better work with the camera too shaky

  25. I like any rat rod. It shows owner likes and anti-establishment norms ,
    like $10,000. paint jobs etc. I’m not a fan of your old split rims- not too

  26. This rat rod was made in Lafayette Indiana by small shop by the name of hot
    rods and Crome 

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