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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) Guitar Cover

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) Guitar Cover
After 6 months, a new video !
And this is my NEW GUITAR ( the best Strat I’ve ever played)

For the video, i’m using:
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III
-Fender American Strat
-iPhone 4S (video recording)

I hope you enjoy it !



27 thoughts on “Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) Guitar Cover


  2. You play guitar since 2009???? So you recorded this when you played guitar
    for 3 years??? Wow, respect. How long do you practise per day?

  3. Hey Cesar. Any tips for playing that fast?when I’m practicing I sometimes
    slip in there but not always, and I’m picking as fast as I can! Any tips

  4. you are so talented bro! I grew up to this song

  5. really brilliant I love that song and u play it better than probably the
    original not to be an asslick or anything

  6. nice man

  7. nailed it

  8. good man..!!!! yeah!!! m/

  9. Guitar God!

  10. Far out man! How mny girls do u have?

  11. those lil finger so fast D:

  12. Im the second part of the main riff, the last chord which is?

  13. Your left hand probably felt like it was in a vice at the end of this

  14. Eri molto emozionato, si vede… però sei stato bravo e sei andato

  15. Hey man nice video! Do you use a mic (wich one) or do you record with the
    computer by the interface?

  16. Hey dude, awesome job!

  17. I wonder if the song is playable as it is on the original track or just

  18. That is one of the hardest riffs I’m trying to learn it props to you keep
    going you will be a superstar one day good job

  19. its too hard to play

  20. this is amazing! you have blessed my life

  21. Anyone who disliked this has gotta be a dick

  22. Anyone here in 2017? Lol

  23. nice man! bravo

  24. Nice one, dude!

  25. That headphones cord annoyed me during the whole song.
    Amazing work otherwise!

  26. Holy shit ur good

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