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Review Demo – Fender Hot Rod DeVille Michael Landau 2×12

Review Demo – Fender Hot Rod DeVille Michael Landau 2×12
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Players who like pedals will love Fender’s new Hot Rod DeVille ML 212, a 60-watt, 6L6-powered 2×12 combo designed in collaboration with session ace Michael Landau. Design changes to satisfy Landau’s predilections make this a very different DeVille—and a fantastic platform for effects.

Hot Rod DeVille ML is part of Fender’s “Inspired By” series, a product family based on real-world modifications to Fender gear by pro players. Landau, a tone colorist, used a stock DeVille for years as a canvas for his pedals. But to Landau, master volume controls sound “artificial.” He’s also no fan of channel switching, contending that an EQ setting for one channel doesn’t always work for a second channel using the same tone circuit. So instead of switching between two channels, the ML 212 enables switching between two volume settings on a single channel.

Lacking master volume, the DeVille ML 212 recalls vintage Fender designs. Its dual 6L6 power section has been modified for extra headroom, and with 60 watts on tap, it has enough horsepower for any stage. There’s a bright switch for the first volume control, and a boost setting for the second volume. The included footswitch allows selection of each volume and the boost.. The speakers are 70-watt 12″ Celestion V-Types. Meanwhile, the amp’s internal variable bias control means it’s easy to re-bias the amp after swapping tubes.

I auditioned the ML 212 with a humbucker-equipped Fender Esquire reissue, a ’73 Strat, and a ’68 Les Paul Standard. I also set the ML 212 alongside my 1966 blackface Fender Twin Reverb with vintage Celestion speakers. As much as I love my Twin, the newcomer kicked its butt in versatility and tonal purity, though they tie for headroom and fast response. The ML 212 was quieter, too (though after 48 years of service, the Twin is entitled to a little sonic dyspepsia).

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21 thoughts on “Review Demo – Fender Hot Rod DeVille Michael Landau 2×12

  1. This amp is only good for single coil guitars. In fact PG should have switched to a humbucker guitar during this demo to show the difference in how the amp reacts.


  3. nice tele to

  4. Very nice video demo John. Hope to see lots more. And, those twenty years haven’t hurt you a bit. You would about fall over if you saw me now.

  5. That amp and guitar sound perfect together and John is the best player that does youtube reviews. I don’t even buy 90% of the stuff him and shane from intheblues suggest, but I could listen to both of them all day long. Cheers!

  6. What pickups are in that telecaster? This rig sounds really great.

  7. good review

  8. i wish there were new amps that stay clean until 10,like the Roland JC…i dont like this vintage break up sound

  9. I’m starting to dislike that Royer 121 mic. I know it’s like the most popular ribbon mic out there but I’m noticing that it colors the audio so much.

  10. Great playing!

  11. the verb? lol

  12. Best review guy by a mile, Greg Koch next.

  13. Looks like some1 forgot their V/O mic!

  14. Great review and nice playing, John!

  15. My only regret from buying this amp is that my neighbors four houses down no longer like me.

  16. He’s got a g bender in that tele, extremely jealous

  17. You can tell john has found his dream job, the smile on his face says it all!  (“_”)

  18. Great review, great amp, great playing! Thank you so much 🙂

  19. What pedals is Michael using these days, his tone is the best really.

  20. A lot like the 90s Fender Dual Professional

  21. That first tone is the perfect tone. Tele and DeVille made for each other sounds like

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