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Ride Along in Steve Crook’s Blew By You Tri-5 Straight Axle AA/Gasser Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

Ride Along in Steve Crook’s Blew By You Tri-5 Straight Axle AA/Gasser Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos
Blew By You Straight Axle Gasser Reunion Burnouts Tri-Five Chevy Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos Hot Rods

2015 Gasser Reunion – Nostalgia Drag Racing – Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers of the 60’s

Back-up Girl -Cristina Kabb’s ride along in Steve Crook’s Blew By You 1956 Chevy AA/Gasser. She has a perma-grin from ear-to-ear! Supercharged AA Gasser

In car video of a ride along in a 9-second 1956 Chevy. Drift HD POV Action Camera Tri Five chevy, Motor Racing, Ohio Gassers exhibition runs from the 61st Annual US Nationals Indy. Drag Racing videos. American Graffiti Beaver Springs Dragway. Gassers At 131 Dragway In The ’60s


28 thoughts on “Ride Along in Steve Crook’s Blew By You Tri-5 Straight Axle AA/Gasser Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos

  1. I wish my alarm clock sounded like that .

  2. What motor is in this monster?

  3. Nice vid, Maybe next time you could point the camera out the windshield?

  4. This car is so sick!  Thank’s for the ride.

  5. Blower whine, whoomp of that cam, and an ear to ear smile on her face the whole time.. loved it!! Shared the vid with my girl too! Such a wicked cool ride in a perfectly brutal machine.. and I hope shes still his b.u.g! Thanks for the video 🙂 I know there is another one with a passenger seat view.. I’ve seen it but, I can’t find it now 🙁
    Wish youguys made it out west. There’s nothing like these awesome gassers!! Thanks again!

  6. Lol, permagrin. A whole lotta admiration comin’ out of that young lady’s eyes. Great team, great times. The 56 is my favorite shoebox, not sure why I don’t have one in my stable. Probably cuz I’m a cheap ass and all my projects are clapped out.

  7. was the in car footage the same pass that was shown earlier in the vid?

  8. Gotta love it!!

  9. Maybe get her a helmet that fits and can be tightened???

  10. Priceless…absolutely priceless.  The ‘gas’ mask, the reflective safety goggles as well as the fireproof face shielding, takes me right back to the period when Gassers were a regular sight on the drag strips.  When you add in the blower whine, the grunt of the engine and the excitement of the passenger, well who could ask for anything more?  Excellent perspective!!

  11. this is some bad ass stuff. what a Adrenaline Rush!!   what’s the motor and setup. I loved that. what a beast.

  12. I have watched this video 20 times!  That motor duration reminds me of A Lion Panting.  could you imagine this beast going down a street, with people at the end waiting to catch a bus. this would freak people out.  I Love it.

  13. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for posting this.

  14. So damn koool, can’t help but love the cam and blower rockin sound.

  15. I have a supercharger small block but run 8.2 CR. as that what they told me to do with wide gaped rings , how do you run such high comp.?

  16. I ran a C/A 66 Nova called The Lil General late 60’s early 70’s L88 427 2 4’s on a tunnel ram… ran high 9’s low 10’s. Sounded alot like Steve ride. Bad Ass Steve… Love it.

  17. Elena Scherr from Hot Rod Magazine.

  18. sure like to take that ride along. I’m the old man with not much time left

  19. love the sound .mean .

  20. Hey Robert Rhodes, My name is Dennis Rhodes My sons name is Robert Rhodes, I was just wondering if we are related,
    email me +*****, This is one bad ass 56 Chevy.

  21. Fun Fun Fun!!! Can’t see how some idiots give this a thumbs down.
    Pretty darn cool.


  23. where is her fire protection

  24. I had to thumbs this up to offset one of the prius (pree ass) owners

  25. I like the bobal head engine lol

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