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Rubber Band Powered Hot Rod

Rubber Band Powered Hot Rod
I have a couple of empty ‘crisp’ tubes that I have been keeping to make rubber band powered cars. For a change, I decided to make this car more realistic compared to my usual projects, tonight’s project is a ‘Hot Rod’. It is not intended to be particularly fast or go a long way, just to look visually appealing or at least look fun.
I also gave my “laser speed trap/timer” a test. It still needs more work to make it reliable but you do get the general idea of the way it is progressing.

Main Components

Crisp Tube
4 CDs/DVDs
8 Plastic bottle tops
Several drinking straws
Barbecue skewer
Flower cane
Rubber bands

Main Tools

Hot Glue Gun

Some helpfiles
Making the CD wheels
CD Wheels with Cardboard Hubs
Putting rubber tyres on CDs
Connecting rubber bands
Connecting the band to the axle

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Size 64 rubber band measure 3 1/2″x 1/4″x 1/32″ or 89mm x 6mm
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19 thoughts on “Rubber Band Powered Hot Rod

  1. Very nice car… I’ll make one for my own :)

  2. Could you please make a video about how to make a train & send me the link

  3. can you please make it roll on carpet to make a speed trap and distance to
    test it out because im curious how fast and far it goes on carpet please



  6. i do not have speed trap

  7. i can make a paper plane

  8. no thank you

  9. How did you make the peg?

  10. cool video, I have a question if u cannot use pringles can ( cuz I don’t
    have one ) what would u replace with? would a rolled paper work?

  11. Cool story bruh lol blaze it yee bro bro lololololol

  12. Your good at painting!! Did you use spray paint and can you make a video of
    how you did that paint Job because I make rc car body shells and that kind
    of paint job would be cool on one of my cars thanks ,the wolf pack

  13. Yaaayyyyyyyy after 8 hours I made this and modified mines to go a full
    basketball court I won 1st place

  14. amazing!!

  15. I love how you spray paint it

  16. neat little car . crisps=potato chips in usa. both are yummy :)

  17. this is the care I’m trying to replicate

  18. I built it but it’s slow for me

  19. Hello sir grandpa is an old man have you written an procedure on how to
    make it step by sir please sir I need it sir like how to make the body how
    to put the hole please sir it would help sir I hope this isn’t to much to
    ask is it sir

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