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Scary ride-along in a CUMMINS Rat Rod!

Scary ride-along in a CUMMINS Rat Rod!
I got a hell of a ride in a Cummins powered Rat Rod! Gotta love a crazy/scary/sinister creation! Make sure to stay tuned to my Youtube channel to see more videos of this car & other bitchin ratrods. Subscribe using this link:

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Special Thanks:
Nitrous Express:
AirLift Performance:
Hurst Shifters:

Music: Chuki beats on YouTube


8 thoughts on “Scary ride-along in a CUMMINS Rat Rod!

  1. great job!

  2. dude the smile on the owners face is priceless!

  3. That’s crazy cool man! Wicked.

  4. Shit dude it needs to be tetanus shot injected too ! Lol great car

  5. that rat rod is sick

  6. Nice! Dude is a good driver

  7. Way too cool.

  8. First! I bet you could get a pile of dollars for it at the auction.

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