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Southern California Hot Rods (1940s)

Southern California Hot Rods (1940s)
Courtesy: Internet Archive’s 35mm stock footage collection

Scenes at Southern California racetrack with hot rods and drivers.
35mm Stock Footage


12 thoughts on “Southern California Hot Rods (1940s)

  1. That Jim Ratharn looks goofy in his helmet. :)

  2. Riverside Raceway? Early days? Looks familiar..Santana Mountains to the

  3. Wow! hard to believe this film is so clear. I only wish they could have
    gotten some sound with it.

  4. Ahhh, the good old days. When your head was a roll bar.

  5. They must not have known this was unsafe… Nobody knew smokin’ was unsafe
    till they wrote the warning on cigarette packs

  6. No fat people back in the day.

  7. Back when rules were few, and men had huge balls !!

  8. The scenes were filmed at the long now defunct racetrack that used to be in
    Norco, California. If you look in the background of the North end of the
    track, you can see Norco’s famed Lake Norconian Grand Resort Supreme, which
    is still standing to this day!

  9. Scary as hell racing without a rollbar.

  10. Cool, I have a version of this edited.

  11. Were they called rat rods then?

  12. Excellent quality video considering the age of the film. Thanks for

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